Vita and Charlie are being held hostage in a silo or maybe it’s all one big mistake.

Vita is sure that Ophelia wouldn’t do it on purpose but Charlie isn’t so sure and of course one of them has to be wrong. The silo is bad news whatever the outcome and they need out but Vita really goes the extra mile in their escape with Charlie adding a typically Charlie extra touch that really adds a little pizzazz to it.

Whenever Charlie and Vita seem to be getting closer something happens to throw a spanner in it usually something that Charlie has done and this time is no different except its a lot more serious than her usual cock-up. Is their relationship past repair and will they even get the chance to fix it or has Charlie’s rash new idea sealed their fate?

I love this story Vita and Charlie are so different but I love them together they work, a little unconventionally perhaps but still. This new development changes everything though and adds a totally different aspect to the story that could go absolutely anywhere! I love it