Comic Review: No One Left to Fight Vol.1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Dark Horse Comics releases a martial arts sci-fi graphic novel which is something that relates to your favorite fighting games in No One Left To Fight on its first volume. […]

Dark Horse Comics releases a martial arts sci-fi graphic novel which is something that relates to your favorite fighting games in No One Left To Fight on its first volume.

So, basically, this is the comic which relates to any other comic in the future in the Street Fighter and Dragon Ball set up, however, this isn’t Street Fighter 2010 on NES but it brings one of the most terrific settings and plot in comic book history, and it’s about who is becoming the strongest just to not to know that there is no one can defeat the fighter. The story is written by Aubrey Sitterson and Illustrated by Fico Ossio. Aubrey is a writer who worked for Marvel, DC, Image, Oni, and Viz, and apparently, he wrote the collaboration of Street Fighter and GI Joe on IDW, and he’s also a wrestling podcaster. While Fico drew some various comics for glory and this comic is where it takes off.

The front cover shows a series of characters putting on the field and where they are standing is almost like they’re going for another journey. The main character’s appearance almost looks like Akuma from Street Fighter and one of the Chinese legends of Sun Wukong or Son Goku. The background is beautiful, even so, this world exists with some creatures who interact with humans, also the grass is purple, the text bubble is purple, even the whole comic is fucking purple. Speaking of the text bubble, there is a message for the readers “The Comic you ALWAYS Wanted!” Oooh! I BET! Should I start throwing down with the Fortnite dance which has nothing to do with it? As if the authors are persuading them to get this book like they know what they’re doing. But if I ever want to get an amazing comic with an interesting plot and all, then I’d say this one. From the start of the story, the main character Vale came back home from another journey, when suddenly he was being jumped by some robot and his nephews, however, this world is filled with full of heroes and monsters at the same time, like One Punch Man or Hero Academia. Not like any other comic-like LaGuardia where it has nothing to do with the New York-themed comic going on with the immigration between humans and aliens. So anyway, during at night, Timor asked Vale to spar with him, and while fighting he transformed into a monster which is something new to the fighting genre. I don’t even know what the hell is going on, but it’s actually part of the story.

This world exists a lot of strong fighters and apprentices in one graphic novel and it’s very surprising that the authors made the story that far in the future. They even added some of the strangest creatures who happened to be fighters too in this comic. However, there are some various villains that looked so much from Mortal Kombat. I mean really, it’s so many appearances that really looked like the characters from the game. There, Vale fights against The Hierophant that almost looked like some guy who uses a crane fighting style from Street Fighter 5, don’t know his name though, but under the circumstances, the fighters have seen the transformations in anger or they can turn into a Super Saiyan as if the characters started glowing their hair with electricity as an inspiration of Goku and Vegeta’s transformation from black to yellow and blue. Other than that, what makes Mr. Satan so great? His image of himself for protecting the earth. It’s a strange world out there filled with heroes, religion and actually an awesome story in a sci-fi and street fighter set up. The art is just too incredible, to begin with, the thing that I keep seeing this art because all of this is just too realistic for the readers to follow. It’s mind-blowing with the character designs, yes. But the comic gives a lot of action to the characters defining on the front cover which is something you’ve been waiting for. It’s great actually, even as the inspiration of Dragon Ball, it’s the best. If you rather want to read a martial arts sci-fi comic like this one, then this is for you.

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