Jay Q’s Thoughts on Hasbro Pulse and the Power Rangers Lighting Collection

I am one of those old school toy hunters that LOVES the thrill of finding the newest acquisitions in the stores, however, as of late it has been very difficult! […]

I am one of those old school toy hunters that LOVES the thrill of finding the newest acquisitions in the stores, however, as of late it has been very difficult!

With all the issues small towns have been having to find new figures as of late it is good to know that Hasbro’s site the Hasbro Pulse is here to help. I love looking through the packages on the shelves to find that ONE that speaks to me, but it seems those days are coming to an end. With online sites offering the items on preorder, you can no longer stress or be victimized to pay the 3rd party prices that people ask when they buy all the cases.  I went on to Hasbro Pulse and pre-ordered my limit of 2 Mighty Morphin Yellow Rangers and 2 Zeo Blue Rangers. My experience with this process was outstanding!! I even pre-ordered Time Force Red and Mighty Morphin Blue.

I am a big Power Rangers fan! Yes, it is campy and cheesy, but if you ever watch the Sentai stuff that it is based on then you will see why people like this franchise. Hasbro has seriously done an amazing job with this license. We have seen a mix match of characters in each wave that have been very diverse.  I will go on record and say that I currently have all the releases in my collection at the moment and have zero regrets! With my two latest acquisitions, I could not be happier.

Mighty Morphin Yellow is based on Trini the OG YellowRanger. I want to give a HUGE shout out to the team that did the face sculpt. They got Thuy Trang’s likeness almost spot on. The articulation is exactly what you expect from Hasbro. The range of motion is very good, and you do not feel like it will break in your hands (UNLIKE the McFarlane figures GRRRR). You get two extra hands, her power daggers, a power blaster, and some power effects to go on the end of the daggers.

Zeo Ranger Three (or Blue depending on how you want to say it) is based on Rocky (Steve Cardenas) is an awesome figure as well. Packed full with extra hands, blaster, sword, and effect. The range of motion is there for some epic poses. My only issue with this figure is that this was the 1st time (in my opinion) that they missed the head sculpt. I am excited as they have announced other figures from the Zeo line at Toy Fair including the Zeo Megazord.

Hasbro hit the ground running with this license and it shows! We have got some really cool things so far and some much cooler things lined up. The jury is still out on IF Hasbro’s versions of the Megazods will hold up to Bandai’s Legacy die-cast stuff. You can bet that Jay Q will have you covered when and if these items get released.

I will also say if you had any doubts about using the Hasbro Pulse service, you can rest assured that your items will be packed well and be shipped promptly when they are released and with the limit of 2 per customer there should be plenty to go around for collectors to enjoy!

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