Comic Review: Coffin Bound Vol. 1: Happy Ashes (Image Comics)

Image Comics releases a graphic novel that focuses on the world of the dead and supernatural that can become very deadly in Coffin Bound on its first volume. With so […]

Image Comics releases a graphic novel that focuses on the world of the dead and supernatural that can become very deadly in Coffin Bound on its first volume.

With so many comics from Image that focus on a mature content story, here comes another horror comic that might take some time to take fear in action. Unlike, the virus that spread in the U.S., this comic gives a lot of delusions to know that people are becoming crazier than before. The story is written by Dan Watters and Illustrated by Dani. This comic is more influenced than reading Lucifer, however, the story will get weirder anytime than any other Image comic that you’ve ever read.

The front cover shows the main character being thrown off by the fourth wall in a pinkish monochromic color that the colorist ever chose. And I don’t know why, but she’s being thrown out from something and it seems that there are projectiles everywhere. This isn’t a game though, but if it is, then who’s throwing off with those projectiles? Also, there’s a comment wrote by Neil Gaiman, “If you like Dan Watters’ work on LUCIFER, this is even WEIRDER…” I don’t know what’s weirder the fact that this pandemic is going crazy throughout the city, or the fact that I’m going on with this comic that is related to Lucifer. And just by any chance, Dan Watters is the one who wrote Lucifer comics for DC Vertigo’s Sandman Universe, because it’s more common to know that he’s been writing stories in horror, fantasy and mystery story genre from different comic industries.

The story starts with a girl named Izzy Tyburn who is surviving this world, surrounded by criminals, gangs, mafias, even monsters from the depth of hell. Throughout her journey, she met a caged skeleton vulture who actually is a guardian to her, even though they only just met while she was asleep. But when the gangs are firing her and she fought back, one of them told her that she’s dead and some zombified monster called EarthEater had been set upon her, meaning that she sold her soul to the devil, just like the pilot of the Spawn series.

So here’s the thing about this comic, this comic is almost likely to see hell on earth. There are some comics that actually make a plot about hell, this comic is more like taking someone to know what hell is like, even so, the overrated comics that I’ve read in the past is mostly like that, and now I come to understand that this whole concept is based on personal life problems as if the darkness is taking you over. Izzy just met so many people that probably would change her life forever, even at this point that the Eartheater is after her life. And there are actually some strange abominations behind this comic because this story is like making you eat Lucky Charms with some cocaine homemade milk while you’re in quarantine. The story and the art takes you to a different level, and it seems that it’s a world of pain around this comic, because it almost having a thought of a scientist using biotechnology to transform humans into freaks. And by some chance, the author actually likes to keep reminding the readers on the dialogue boxes about “EarthEater!”, as if the story has something to do with it. And yet, he faces Izzy at the end of the volume with old man Vladimir and told her that one day all this world is going to be burned in the dust.

The story is knowingly too amazing, to begin with, even the story is filled with some strange character designs between humans and demons. And on top of that, it’s a world of pain. The art is something else too because of the environment and the characters that the artist has put so much influence into them. The EarthEater is far the most intimidating creature on this comic, and so far he told the whole prophecy to Izzy to know about the fate of this planet. About EarthEater, he’s a masked zombie who awoke from the dead to find Izzy. And so far, this comic is actually one of the overrated comics that I’ve ever read before. If you rather want to read a comic that filled with a strange atmosphere in a bizarre world then this is for you.

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