Toy Review: Back To The Future Collection (Playmobil)

Great Scott! Playmobil has given us an amazing collection of toys based on Back To The Future! To many of us who grew up in the 80s, Back To  The […]

Great Scott! Playmobil has given us an amazing collection of toys based on Back To The Future!

To many of us who grew up in the 80s, Back To  The Future is considered on the of the quincuncial films of that decade. It had action, humor, suspense, and just a lot of fun. To this day there is still a huge following of Back To The Future. There are still ionic things in that film that people still reference. This past March stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunited for a charity poker tournament. Such a huge cultural impact.

So is it any shock that Playmobil came out with a couple of incredible sets?

First up is Back to the Future Marty Mcfly and Dr. Emmett Brown. This is a 2 pack that comes with Marty McFly and Dr. Brown as they dressed as there were in 1955. Marty comes with a guitar that slips over his head and looks great in his hands. Dr. Brown comes with a pair of removable gloves and a newspaper that talks about the clocktower. What I love here, is the deco on these figures. They both look like how they do in the film, but with that Playmobil touch. Really works great on them.

Next up is Back to the Future DeLorean. This set comes with 3 figures: Marty, Dr. Brown, and Einstein the dog. This is a great set. The level of detail on the Delorean is amazing. It really looks like the actual vehicle from the movie. The amount of detail that the Playmobil sculptors is really incredible. The doors open upward like they should. There is removable plutonium in the back. The wheels can flip up like they do at the end of the movie so you can have it fly. There’s a wire attachment that the characters use at the climax of the movie to get back home. And the coolest is the car has a light-up feature. It’s really cool and just lights up that flux capacitor!

The figures really do look like Marty and Doc in Playmobil form. There are accessories like Marty’s skateboard, a video camera, a remote controller, a walkie talkie, and case for the plutonium, and extra plutonium.

Don’t believe me, see what my son Sean has to say about it:

Bottom line, Back To The Future is just one of these properties that people still love. Even if you know nothing of the movie, this is still a fun set to play with or just proudly display in your collection!

Thank you so much to Playmobil for sending this to us!

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