Image Comics brings you another hunt for the fugitives and turns out to be a survival of the fittest story in Bog Bodies the graphic novel.

If you were wondering why the title is spelled “Bog” as if it’s bugs or something, and I know this is the big germ invasion right now, but I’m reviewing upcoming comics again. The bog is actually a muddy puddle, which could actually mean that this story will take place in a wet forest in which a person or animal will get stuck in sticky mud or wet ground. The story is written by Declan Shalvey and illustrated by Gavin Fullerton. Declan is actually an award-winning artist/writer from Ireland, he illustrated one of the hit titles such as Deadpool, Batman, Punisher, and such. While Gavin has worked in animation and comics, his first graphic novel was Bags which is based on the short story by Over the Garden Wall by Patrick McHale.

The front cover shows one of the darkest backgrounds you’ve ever see. There’s an injured man’s face in the middle as if someone burned his face and took away his eyes, such a hideous creature to see for the readers. And for some reason, there are two people on the bottom trying to figure out how to escape their fate by walking through the dark muddy grass field, or I don’t know, maybe the whole concept is like these two are walking around the moon in outer space. Think about it, folks! When you see this front cover background, you’ll think that this will be another Sci-fi comic about survival, but it’s not like that because the Declan himself made it as a concept as they’re going to survive in the forest which this story is going to be about. Speaking of, the story took place in Dublin, Ireland, where a young man named Killian is minding his own business, playing video games, right until some gangster named Keano sabotaged him for doing his work for him and then suddenly he and his partner are trying to kill him. That’s actually a backstabber from the start of the story as if there’s anyone who can trust but never trusts anyone. Now that they’re going to hunt him down, Killian ran into one of the most dangerous places to wander around at night, the forest. There, he finds a girl injured and looked like shit around the forest at night.

However, the weirdest thing about the whole concept of the comic is that the story seems that they’re escaping from the bad guys in the forest, of course, the grass field must be muddy and wet, but the thing is if it’s muddy, then didn’t it rained from the start of the story, WHEN did it rain? It doesn’t make any sense that there’s no rain while the whole grass field is all wet. But, let’s not jump to conclusions, the interesting thing about the story is that somehow there’s a strange old lady who lives in the middle of nowhere and has a graveyard filled with zombies of the walking dead. And what’s so strange is what is the girl hanging around the grass field, the graveyard? I don’t understand, and I’m gonna stop there.

The story seemed to be more believable, I don’t know what to say. Even for the main character who escaped from the gangsters because they want him dead. However, the story is really dark to believe that this is a much more terrifying comic for the readers that wandering around the forest and the wet grass field at night is too dangerous. The thing about the bog shows more than any other ghost story that any other readers ever experience. And also this whole story about Bog Bodies, it almost seems to become a Jojo reference in part 3, when the Joestar and his comrades traveled to Pakistan to find a hotel to stay, and then at the moment, an old lady with a bandaged right hand can control zombies with the power of the mist. But anyway, Bog Body is a mysterious comic to read for horror, if you rather want to read something that bizarre, then this is for you.

By Kevin Bermeo

I'm a New Yorker Artist, and I traveled a lot. I enjoy making comics, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Besides drawing, I'm also a writer, I used to be a Gamer, and I love adventures, food, and dragons.