Comic Review: British Ice (IDW Publishing/Top Shelf Productions)

IDW Comics releases a story about natural disasters in the United Kingdom which involves full of agony and destruction in British Ice the graphic novel. So, there’s a comic which […]

IDW Comics releases a story about natural disasters in the United Kingdom which involves full of agony and destruction in British Ice the graphic novel.

So, there’s a comic which takes place in a British Arctic Territory in the past, in other words, it’s somewhat related to the North Pole which you may know that Santa Claus lives there and they treat the British well as much as he does with the Americans. And on top of that, this story is going to be about politics and wars. The story is written and illustrated by Owen D. Pomery, the only thing that he created this comic is when British makes no difference to know the natural disasters in the artic, and with the government going on so suddenly, things could make something darker behind the story.

The front cover shows an asymmetrical piece of art where the ice is shattered from eight directions, and on top of that, there’s only a single ship in the middle of nowhere. The captain of the ship knows that there are so many forks in the road as if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. This symmetrical shape shows more likely the British national flag. Dude, it makes no difference that this artist makes such an expressionism art to make something which is stunning for the readers. Man, fuck Pablo Picasso or Vincent van Gogh, THIS IS ART!! So the story starts telling the readers about the Artic island with a history behind it, and this is more of a documentary than an actual comic book. And the island is part of the Queen Elizabeth Islands, within the Arctic Circle. Apparently, the whole island is a remote island, a small town filled with some huts, just like the Hoth planet from Star Wars, the government traveled to the island to pay a visit to the locals, but they’re not very fond with the government dogs who would likely do some terrible things to the locals.

However, the only downside is that one person from the government stayed and monitored the locals to know about their daily lives, living on this island. He’s seen so many birds and wolves deaths, the townspeople are turning down on him and somehow there’s a rumor that the government taken the villagers to be slaves and worked in labor in doing what, digging rocks in the snowy mine. That is to say that they’re excavating some ice and to take it to the city to sell them, no I didn’t make it up, I just watched a documentary about a Native Ecuadorian who goes up to the mountain, digging some ice and went to town to sell. By the way, it’s almost more than 2 months since he lived on that island, I’m not saying that he is desperate to end, he’s more like an ex-pat to visit some several countries. He finds a darker secret behind that house because what he saw is more of a man possessed in order to survive, the way that the animals die in a mysterious cause of death, in other words, that house is haunted and if that’s the case the whole thing was that the government was using him to sabotage the villagers and have them killed. The main character couldn’t take it, no wonder that the villagers hated him, after that, he just left for the British government to receive a warning threat just to save the villagers’ lives.

The story is more than giving such a documentary about how he lived on an icy island for almost 3 or 4 months. The thing about reading a documentary is to learn how people are living in their everyday lives, that is telling a story how the Americans interacted with the Natives to have their land and build something extraordinary like a utopia, which is basically an industrial revolution. That being said, this comic shows a dark side behind the story because people think that the islanders are a threat, so someone wants to get rid of them. The way he draws and colors the whole panels of the comic looks even more icy as ever expected because the author decided to color everything in a blue monochromic form, I guess that’s one thing to get with the details. Also, the fact that this story is quite more menacing than reading Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series, it shows some strange vibes of the comic because there are animal and human deaths whenever he lives in that house. It’s scary though, but it’s more different. If you rather want to read a mystery between some British island then this is for you.

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