Comic Review: Labyrinth: Coronation Vol.1 (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios releases another Jim Henson series which is based on the 1986 fantasy film which is Labyrinth: Coronation on its first volume of the graphic novel. Well, here’s another […]

BOOM! Studios releases another Jim Henson series which is based on the 1986 fantasy film which is Labyrinth: Coronation on its first volume of the graphic novel.

Well, here’s another Jim Henson comic based on every film in the 80s, just like The Dark Crystal, Boom! Studios expand the whole Jim Henson’s series to have a comic adaptation, if you’re aware of the comic adaptation of the series, then you’ve done your homework. The comic is written by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss, along with the other artists who cooperated with them. Simon is a British comic writer and novelist who wrote one of the novels such as, Numbercruncher, Six-Gun Gorilla, and The Spire, and apparently previously worked as a cook, a bookseller, and an art director for the BBC which is a British public broadcaster.

The front cover shows a clever cover art illustrated by Fiona Staples, and what you see here is just going over the images of the Game of Thrones film. There’s Jareth the Goblin King, sitting down with a child looking with his mirror reflecting as another image of someone holding a baby. And look at Jareth’s face, he looks like he’s getting tired of all this shit. Sitting alone with his goblin servants, I guess they looked in high hopes for him. However, I’ve never watched that film before, but his expression looks like Alucard from Castlevania on Netflix, yeah you can’t miss that look. The story starts when Jareth is looking at a girl on a crystal ball which he describes that “she’s in the oubliette” which has something to do with it, then he starts telling the tale of that woman in the republic of Venice in 1797 which took place in a masquerade, in other words, a ball party. A count from a faraway land fell in love with the woman who danced with him, right until the count just heard some voices that evening after the dance which defines as visions. Visions of what? I don’t know but something is odd with him because the French army is marching on Venice to arrest any Englishman, which also means that he’s a fugitive, but in what way? Is it like the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet when the two families are fighting against each other?

After that, his wife Maria took the baby somewhere when she can’t find it, right until some goblin took the baby and gave it to Jareth. And then one day, Maria has been dragged into the Labyrinth for her child’s sake. She has some few trials to encounter at the Labyrinth, but this whole world is most likely to set up some rules like it’s killed or be killed. As an artist, I have never seen such an environment like middle earth, especially in a realm where goblins ruled the whole kingdom. So how will the woman go that far to see the end of the tunnel to find her lost child?

The story is just, I don’t know how to say it, but it’s interesting. I’ve never seen the film before, but this comic gets a tragic tale of the two lovers whose life is wrecked and their child was taken by monsters. The art is just too real, to begin with because the artist did a great job creating the goblins which looks more like Yoshitaka Amano’s monster designs, however, every Jim Henson’s film were all puppets, so I don’t see any difference because the characters from The Dark Crystal which the Skeksis looked like overgrown goblins while the Gelflings are more like elves. The environment of the Labyrinth is more like Midgar from FF7, except when there’s no Mako energy, there’s a few mazes and walls, and except the Shinra building, there’s the kingdom of goblins itself. It’s a mish-mash of civilization ruled by monsters. But seriously, this comic’s filler of Labyrinth is just too epic to read. If you rather want to go over one of Jim Henson’s puppet films full of epic fantasy stories, then this is for you.

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