Comic Review: Paul Is Dead (Image Comics)

Image Comics releases a side run comic about your favorite rock band in the 60s, The Beatles which focuses on a funeral in Paul Is Dead, the graphic novel. So […]

Image Comics releases a side run comic about your favorite rock band in the 60s, The Beatles which focuses on a funeral in Paul Is Dead, the graphic novel.

So this is a comic that is so rare to read and it’s about The Beatles. Even so, this comic will bring you lots of music and lyrics throughout the story, but as we all realized how the band died, there are some people who lost lives in a natural death like cancer or some other cause of death. But this comic will focus on an urban legend and conspiracy behind Paul McCartney’s death in 1966. The story is written by Paolo Baron and illustrated by Ernesto Carbonetti, and they both composed the music and lyrics as well. It’s surprising that they drew this comic and made the song at the same time, I guess this would have something to remember in 2020.

The front cover shows an illustrated interaction between the two players, John Lennon and George Martin. And apparently, John is actually surprised and scared like he saw a ghost. While George is holding John’s shoulder like he was saying “Please don’t go, bro!” kind of cliche. We have one more song to play for his memorial” kind of cliché. However, on the left side of the cover, we see Ringo with his transparent color of the cover as if he doesn’t want to be seen, otherwise how come that character became invisible for some reason? Oh, and the coloring, I guess it’s too realistic for me, it almost what I’ve seen one of the paintings from the MoMa museum, but instead of Pablo Picasso’s human anatomy and painting, it’s this guy who contributed his drawings as a self expressionism art. There’s more of the idea at the end of this comic. Well now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the story. It starts when Paul is being taken care of his hair by some beautician, just until one of the managers told him that the producers are there, and the whole next few pages he echoed “Oh, My God!” on the two pages of the comic. Then John is sitting on the top of the roof, crying and probably it has to do with the band though, or he just taking drugs like LSD. But suddenly, the next day when he visits Brian to know about Paul, then he brought up that Paul is dead, he was crashed on the way home last night, and he looked at the picture of the car that was crushed by a tree and lit up to burn the car, along with the tree, but all the detail seemed to be vague until he asked Brian to know where Paul’s body is. John was devastated over his death, and either way, he’s trying to figure out what to do now, about himself and the band.

John was right about the whole details of Paul’s death that are vague, but somehow his actions took something such a verge to commit suicide or because he’s being childish and wanted to, just until he discovered later on of this comic is that Paul cheated death from everyone. It does seem like a joke, but this comic represents something that makes everyone look like fools. So after that, Paul is being replaced by another person who looks like him.

So this comic is all about conspiracies and drama about the story called “Paul is Dead”, but really can you make a comic about a theory of your favorite rock band? However, I have never read such a theory about one of the band members who are dead and reincarnated by a look alike. This comic is more about a documentary to give us enough information about the band and probably becoming a thing to know about Paul McCartney’s death as an urban legend. The art is more likely to have an inspiration between human anatomy like Pablo Picasso, as I said before. And the panels are more like paintings by someone who likes to use oil painting. But it does seem somewhat familiar about his style, other than the paintings from MoMa when I traveled overseas, there are some painters who painted something that is more to have some expressionism and the composition behind the paintings, but somehow his drawing style almost what you’ve seen one of the painters in Latin and South America, at least I could study this kind of art style for my collection. But anyway, Paul is Dead is one of the stories that needed to be read, if you rather want to read an urban legend about a famous band who died once, then this is for you.

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