Toy Review: G.I. Joe Classified 6 Inch Series (Hasbro)

Yo Joe! Back Story: G.I. Joe was first introduced February 2 1964 as a 12-inch line. The initial line represented the 4 branches of the military and was also introduced […]

Yo Joe!

Back Story: G.I. Joe was first introduced February 2 1964 as a 12-inch line. The initial line represented the 4 branches of the military and was also introduced in the UK under the Action Man brand. In 1982 the line was reintroduced in the 3.75-inch scale which enjoyed success for many years which included comics, cartoons, and a variety of vehicles and playsets. Since then there have been several reintroductions to the brand through various anniversaries, and rebranding such as the Sigma Six. February of 2020 Hasbro introduced it’s newest line called G.I.Joe Classified. A modern updated 6-inch version based off the success of Star Wars Black Series and Marvel Legends style figures.

What’s in the box:  Five figures were released in series one which include, Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Roadblock, and Destro. Destro comes with a briefcase with a computer and money inside, large pistol, and small gold pistol. Scarlett comes with three knives and crossbow. Snake Eyes comes with Arashikage clan sword and sheath, knife, backpack, pistol with silencer, and machine gun. Roadblock comes with heavy assault rifle with removable clip and knife. Duke comes with pistol, rifle, and backpack.

The Verdict: The figures that Joe Fans have been waiting for? Well… being a huge fan since the eighties I have pretty much owned every Joe figured released except Sigma Six, and the short-lived GI Joe Extreme, and Sgt. Savage and The Screaming Eagles.  When I first heard rumors of a 6-inch line I was excited they were getting the size increase treatment. Seeing how Star Wars and Marvel Legends have been enjoying success in this scale it was only a matter of time before Joe got it. In February the announcement was made official and anticipation began. Now I own Series 1 and honestly, I am a bit disappointed. What? The long time Joe collector disappointed? Yes. Now keep in mind I had high expectations of this line. Maybe a bit too high for the series 1 release. I do not hate the line. I just expected more. More as in things lacking. Let’s start with the obvious. Gone are the back story filecards of old. These were always a fun read and gave your figure character. Gone are the classic looks giving way to a more modern soldier. Knee pads space-age style armor even laser rifles have made their way into the armory. Now, mind you this although not my first choice it is mixed in with the classic look of the characters giving it a bit of modern pizazz. Even Duke’s signature green helmet was missing from the update. Some loose chest joints also made its way into the series via Snake Eyes and his pistol lacked detail which is surprising considering everyone else with one had theirs well detailed.

I know it’s a lot to digest in such a short time and although I picked some stuff apart but because of my love for the line, it was very difficult to write this article and have to share my disappointment. I cannot honestly tell you not to collect this line. Although there were some downsides along the way there was also one great stand out character from the line and that was Destro. Hasbro stuck with the eighties style classic look on this one and he did not disappoint from the moment I opened the box. The silver faced weapons master’s detail was spot on and a great addition to the line. Articulation raised the bar giving this line more mobility for posing in battle stances. Even without the classic battle stands the figures had no problem standing on their own. If you’re a Joe fan and can look past some of the flaws this is still a great start to the line and can only go up from here. I will remain optimistic about this line and will continue to collect them as they are released. Rumors are that Zartan and Storm Shadow will be coming soon and with the Snake Eyes movie not far behind I’m sure this line will continue on for some time. The line definitely has potential to be another hit for Hasbro. One thing I would love to see is them get the BAF treatment. Such as A Zartan Swamp Skier BAF line or even the B.A.T.S. BAF. So grab them before they fly off the shelves. Now the question is will we see VAMP or VAMP II vehicles in the line as well?

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