“Since I am dead I can take off my head to recite Shakespearean quotations.” – Jack Skellington

The History: Nightmare Before Christmas has been and continues to be a cult classic. First released in 1993 as a stop motion film, Tim Burton’s film continues to entertain even to this day. The classic question today, is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie or can it be both?

 What’s in the Box: Diamond Select Toys continues the line with Series 7 and 8 and also included is a build a set which seems to be pretty popular these days with DST figures. Series 7 figures include Snowman Jack which includes parts for an actual snowman, Big Vampire, and Skinny Vampire. also included are pieces to build the Halloween Town Guillotine.

Series 8 includes Burnt Santa Jack, Small Vampire with Tall Witch, Short Vampire with Short Witch. Also included are the pieces to build the Halloween Town Guillotine. Each vampire in both sets includes an umbrella for sun protection, and the witches come with brooms.

The Verdict: Classic story with classic characters make for some great collectibles. The fact that we are into series 8 of the line only proves its popularity among collectors. The bonus build set gives it character and makes for some great Halloween town classic moments for quality display options. The Vampires lack articulation which doesn’t affect the display factor is the only thing lacking with these characters.

If you are a fan adding these into an already large collection is worth it. As I said earlier the line has been ongoing for quite some time so grab these sets before they are gone.

Thank You Diamond Select Toys for sending us these great figures.

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By Mike Hopkins - Feature Editor

As a long time collector, Mike's love for pop culture began in the 1980's with G I Joe and has grown since. Today he is our Managing Editor specializing in reviews of Mezco, DIamond Select Toys, DC Collectible and many other brands. As a writer he brings a honest but fair review style to Fanboy Factor. "What makes us who we are is our opinions other wise we get lost among many others who do not stand apart in the crowd."