Toy Review: One:12 Collective: Captain Marvel and Exclusive Blade (Mezco Toyz)

What if Captain Marvel was a villain and had to Fight Blade who would win? The Story: Paying homage to the classic What If? comics I decided to go with […]

What if Captain Marvel was a villain and had to Fight Blade who would win?

The Story: Paying homage to the classic What If? comics I decided to go with a What if the Ghost Rider, Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel were villains? (based on Marvel Spotlight #5 and #32 and Marvel Super-Heroes #12) As with issue #7, this contained three short stories with the theme of Marvel characters who strayed close to becoming villains rather than heroes in the Earth-616 universe. This was my way of paying homage to the professor of comics our very own fearless chief. I added my own twist with a Captain Marvel vs Blade.

What’s in the Box: Captain Marvel came with a huge amount of accessories including multiple sets of hands, 3 head portraits including the movie versions, Goose the cat, Bomber leather coat, energy wrap, energy balls, and energy beams, and standard base with the Captain Marvel logo.

Blade MDX exclusive comes with multiple sets of hands, two head portraits, 4 pairs of sunglasses, 6 stakes, two boomerangs, sword and sheath,  submachine gun with two removable magazines, handgun with two removable magazines, two firing effects, shotgun with shoulder sling and pump-action, sleeveless shirt and tactical vest, motorcycle pants, and holster for handgun and stakes, and belt for foldable bladed boomerangs. All the goodies a collector drools for when buying great figures.

The Verdict: Both figures were highly detailed and matched their portraits to the T. The tattoos on Blade matched the comic version, and the likeness to the comic character instead of the movie character was spot on. Blade is still one for my favorite character from the Marvel Universe and this was a nice addition to the other two I already have. Pretty soon Blade will catch up to Batman with the number of releases lol. Captain Marvel was spot on to the movie version of Carol Danvers(Brie Larson) and a pleasant change from the usual cast of characters being released. The added pager was a nice addition as well although small and easily lost it fits nicely in her hands. Both figures are great additions to the Mezco line and must-haves. Now as far as to who would win? I would say hands down Captain Marvel being as powerful as she is however Blade would give her a run for her money and she would not forget the battle. Though I wish I could have said Blade wins after all he is my favorite.

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