Comic Review: Crackdown TP (Dynamite Entertainment)

Dynamite Comics releases another sci-fi comic about a war against some terrorists that causes chaos in a metropolitan area and there is an elite task force to fight against them […]

Dynamite Comics releases another sci-fi comic about a war against some terrorists that causes chaos in a metropolitan area and there is an elite task force to fight against them in Crackdown, the graphic novel.

So, whatever happens, if you take the Halo series and Streets of Rage series and merged them together into this future crime-fighting cyberpunk stereotype of a comic. This comic is actually based on every first-person video game shooter that you’ve ever played. And because this is published by Dynamite, there are some comics that are published is based on a few games in the past like Killer Instinct, Turok, and so on, but this comic takes to another level. This comic is written by Jonathan Goff and “interiorly” illustrated by Ricardo Jaime, the fact that it called “interior artist” actually means that someone can draw from inside the buildings, how does that point out to have an artist in this comic? The answer is simple: that’s how he took his precious time in designing the interior of the buildings in the future.

The front cover shows some of the most extreme badass main characters in comic book history. They’re all cops but in case they equipped an invulnerable armor to fight against crime. Are they Justice League or everything is all Cyborgs from Teen Titans. The only thing that I do like about this cover is the guy on the top side like he’s shouting out as a war cry. And the way he poses, he almost looks like a gorilla trying to take on an army. So right off the bat, there are gangs that are interfering with the whole galaxy which makes every other human being look so intimidating, which involved them to make gunrunning, human trafficking, and not very fond of law and order. But there is a group who can stop them and that is the Agents, an elite group of a cyberpunk task force. This is how the creators threw out the Halo stereotype of a story because the way they fight, this is like making you play Call of Duty or Overwatch battle royale style from your teenage years all over again. The Agents just fought with raw power against the gangsters and rescued the hostages. The group is great and all, but there are always evil throughout the galaxy, not only that I don’t know the plot yet, but the main factor of the story is that the whole futuristic city is a warzone. Everything is manslaughter to men, women, children, even the local police are powerless as if they’re bringing out a new world order. But how are they going to protect themselves and the city?

The story had me there because the plot of the story looks more convincing to have something to relate to as a first-person shooting video game. To be honest, I’ve never reviewed a comic that is more too extreme than Killer Instinct and Turok. It’s no joke because Dynamite tends to publish comics that are based on every video game franchise. The art is stunning, and supposedly this should be drawn from Image comics because most of the scenes of the comic take up even more level of violence. From the back of the book, right downside of the Dynamite logo, it claims “Ties indirectly with the hit video game” it makes sense of how the company publishes comics that are based on video games, but I’ve never expected to have a comic that is more exaggerating. Crackdown is one of the comics that most likely have an authentic first-person shooting game feel, if you rather want to read a comic about war and peace, then this comic is for you.

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