Comic Review: Eat, and Love Yourself (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios bring you a graphic novel about a girl who appreciates her body and confidence in Eat and Love Yourself. To be honest, this is the first comic that […]

BOOM! Studios bring you a graphic novel about a girl who appreciates her body and confidence in Eat and Love Yourself.

To be honest, this is the first comic that I’m reading about body shaming for women, but suddenly the main character eats a lot because of her sickness. Ever wonder how people are being toxic for calling you fat because you eat too much. Yeah, but there’s no such thing because that’s what makes women very beautiful because looks can be deceiving and size doesn’t matter as long as you’re good inside in a healthy way, it’s kind of looks like the Chubby Girls Facebook page or any other philosophy in health to know that your body and yourself gives self-confidence, it’s more normal than anything. The comic is created by Sweeney Boo, she grew up in France where she studied graphic design and listened to loud rock music which is metal, I hope she likes Metalica because it sounds like LOUD ROCK MUSIC. She worked as a comic letterer and colorist for French publishers and moved to Canada in 2015. Her comics are always a side job of hers, even when she works as a 2D artist until she published this comic by Boom! Studios.

The front cover shows the main character posing very womanly, but she’s frowning her face, she should be happy, otherwise, this whole concept shouldn’t be “Eat and Love Yourself” for nothing. I may be an artist, but I’m NOT a creep, the main character is already beautiful and thick, probably you should call this a body development, and her lips though, she has a big mouth, not only for consuming but can be for kissing? Sorry, I’m stunned about the fact that she’s big beautiful and I don’t even know what’s bothering her. One thing that bothers me is the glasses, HER GLASSES ARE HUGE, and it frequently covers her whole face around, how is she going to eat or kiss someone? I had to double-check on Google because normally, the female glasses are not as big as it should be, but medium size as it is. She shouldn’t have looked at the designs first for reference. The story starts off as the main character named Mindy, who is going out with her friend to a bar to dance, however, she started narrating herself about her life problems about her eating disorder and so far. You’ll notice one of the panels of the pages that there’s a chocolate bar that has the exact same title of the comic.

Now I gotta be honest, there are some of the foods that have some side effects, but this one I dunno, is it a drug to lose weight? It describes that candy bar as “High-quality chocolate was made with the greatest care by our finest chocolatiers, with the best environmentally friendly ingredients. Just one square will envelope you in a whirlwind flavor.” Probably a drug or something that would fix her disorder. Anyway back to the story, when Mindy is going out for dinner with her friend, she claims to talk about her life problems while she’s shoveling everything on the table to her mouth. She’s not Homer Simpson, she has some problems, however that night, she ate that piece of chocolate which I mentioned above, and then suddenly she has some visions of her dreams and became transparent as if she traveled through time. She saw her childhood with her parents and the times when she spent her life to where she is right now. Probably it’s hallucinations that came by that side effect from that candy. In the other few pages, she is being hit by men while she’s being friendly to them, however, the candy hallucinations show her actions from the past. She’s being shamed from other women calling her fat, even when she’s going out with Elliot, but later on, most everyone here in this comic are assholes for judging the main character about her weight, her eating problems, and such. She just wants to make things right for herself just to become confident of who she is right now, which actually happened when she snapped at her parents for judging her at the end of the story. They’re human beings for god’s sake, parents and friends should listen to what she’s feeling about herself and help each other just to solve their problems. And she rediscovered herself at the end because she needs to be herself of who she is, and she’s proud of it. I really hate humans. I wish I had more encouraging to say, but there’s really nothing, I mean this comic is just more of a daily basis of health and to overcome themselves. It’s actually a hypothesis about the health that’s meant to push processed buttons, zapped out of Majin Buu’s antenna.

The story seemed to be having such a dramatic story of a woman who’s trying soul searching herself, even describing health disorders throughout the comic. Is an eating disorder actually affects you to have anxiety, depression, and such? There’s a website to go on to at the end of the book if you or anyone need help. Even for that, everyone needs to love themselves, especially how eating makes you so happy. However, making a graphic novel story about a young woman who has an eating disorder experience this kind of method to the readers to know how it affects you and finding a solution to love yourself. The art is more just than any other art style that I’ve ever seen. The character designs are like a study of anatomy because the main character already looks heavy, but she did the character design of her very well as I can relate some other women in real life. But I’m still bothered about the glasses though, because who in the right mind would make Mindy’s glasses look so big. Any the story is more than just slice of life, but it’s also a life-changing for eating disorder readers to know what it’s like to be shamed and to know that accepting yourself for who you are, no matter your personality or size it doesn’t matter because the only thing that you need is to love yourself for who you are. Eat and Love Yourself is actually a great story for soul searching and rediscovering yourself without being ashamed or embarrassed, if you rather want to read a comic that relates to health issues then this is for you.

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