Comic Review: Eve Stranger GN (IDW Publishing)

IDW Publishing releases a graphic novel about a woman who actually has some life hack skills with extraordinary abilities which is Eve Stranger on its first volume. I can’t say […]

IDW Publishing releases a graphic novel about a woman who actually has some life hack skills with extraordinary abilities which is Eve Stranger on its first volume.

I can’t say for what am I witnessing this comic, but this comic will be about some of the strangest things on this planet. But I think this comic is like a young heroine who is addicted to drugs but still has her dreams. The story is written by David Barnett and illustrated by Philip Bond and Liz Prince. This comic would be an adventure for the main character who got any STDs around her, but it’s more than that.

The front cover shows our main character standing there with her eyes closed while holding her gun. The background shows a list of her essential goods around here, her teddy bear, her smartphone, a notebook, a vaccine, and a knife right under that cover. And on top of that logo on the upper left side of the cover, it says “Black Crown”. What is Black Crown you ask? Well, unlike any other comic publishing, but this is similar to Vertigo, but it also an imprint for IDW, so the IDW is the best known for their licensed work, but they have a share of creator own properties, but what makes Black Crown stands out is a sheer of the oddity of their own books, which means that one of these books can be more of a rating older teen or an adult version of it, however, this comic should be in Image because there’s going to be some mild violence and swearing.

Anyway, let’s get on with the story. The comic starts when a girl named Eve started to have visions of her father celebrating his daughter’s birthday, even so, this is necessary because her bones are fractured, but in the present, we see her bed full of stuff as if she’s staying there all day long. She doesn’t even remember who she is but her name is Eve Stranger, however someone out there is trying to kill her, but in reality, someone has “poisoned” her as if she actually took things seriously, because her blood is extraordinary. The other funny thing about the story is the project which is called EVE, right after someone ordered a pill which is an AI or something. And there’s this E.V.E Project which is an organization Ok, back to her, her courage was undeniably any other character I’ve ever see. Her abilities are out of anyone’s league as if she surpasses any limits of a normal human being, which is much more like one the members of SOLDIER from Final Fantasy 7. She has unlimited credit on her credit card, she rides a bike, and she kicks ass. She’s a mysterious person with no memory, yes, but she travels everywhere, and she had some of the strangest adventures with her boyfriend. No matter how the story goes, she seems to have everything taken care of.

The story is more unusual to know about her identity, even when she has special genes, she never disappoints. But the drugs that she takes, I don’t know what she’s got, maybe cocaine power? However, her mother is another story, to begin with, because what’s the purpose to put his daughter to sleep and burned the house down. From the start of the comic, it shows the main story while the other artist draws a different kind of setting, a side story drawn by Liz Prince. While the side story shows more like daily life for Eve, while the main story shows something serious. From the end of this comic, it shows some character designs and the rough drafts for the comic. However, there is an ad page at the end of the book as if you’re looking on a newspaper for jobs or advertising, but it’s all the same because newspapers nowadays still have that page, but here it describing the eve project, a job opportunity to be a comic book editor and some medical help about remembering stuff. The Eve Stranger comic is taking a lot of action throughout the pages and it seems that it’s a fun comic to read for adults. If you ever want to read a comic which is more similar to one of the Image comics then this is for you.

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