Comic Review: Panda Roja y Oso Lunar (Red Panda & Moon Bear Spanish Edition) (IDW Publishing)

IDW Publishing releases an indie comic about the adventures between two kids, but a Spanish version of the Red Panda and Moon Bear the graphic novel. I didn’t expect this […]

IDW Publishing releases an indie comic about the adventures between two kids, but a Spanish version of the Red Panda and Moon Bear the graphic novel. I didn’t expect this to happen, but I’m REVIEWING A SPANISH VERSION OF THIS COMIC. So to be frank I’m going to shit all over the review, if you’re not a Spanish reader, I suggest getting an English version or just stay and read this review. The comic is created by a Cuban American named Jarod Rosello, and since the guy published this piece of junk on IDW, I don’t mind reviewing it, but his work is like presenting himself with a lot of fantastic adventure and having cherished memories, with a lot of action and the brightest sun of Caribbean. This is like the Cuban version of Captain Underpants drawn by some elementary school kids. But still, I’m still over of how this guy published this comic in Spanish for Spanish readers whether if anyone wants this on English, probably best to get the English version to the bookstore, but this time for the convenience, I’ll make it an exception. Since I’m half Ecuadorian and ventured the country once, don’t worry, I’ll interpret this piece of junk.

The front intro shows a setting that takes place somewhere in the Caribbean or Latin America, which is the Dominican Republic or Cuba, I don’t know and I don’t care. But here are the two main characters which are siblings. And they seemed to be dressed up as superheroes. However this is a fiction graphic novel, so I’ll play it out just like watching Phineas and Ferb or Fanboy and Chum Chum or playing Mario and Luigi RPGs. The starting few pages, this comic is meant for his family “Por Emi y Oliver y Angie, por supuesto.” which would mean it’s for them and ended up with ‘of course.’ So right off the bat, the story starts when the two siblings Red panda and Moon bear as I mentioned on the title and the two main characters, they’re out to fight for justice and the first thing they’re gone to is to find the two bad dogs, which destroyed the butcher shop where they sell the meat and the whole civilization. So they’re hunting dogs but never bothered calling animal control because of kids. But in the end, they showed mercy because they were abused by some abusive pet owners who treat them like shit and were thrown out of the streets, then they took them home as pets in exchange that they should be taught discipline.

The next day, some boy named Miguel called for help and saying “Tuve una Pesadilla” which would mean that he woke up from a nightmare because he thought that it was some monster who tricked him, and not just him, EVERY. OTHER. CHILDREN. in the neighborhood started going “bua bua” like they’re crying in real life. Now, what was he thinking by adding “bua” like a crying text bubble dialogue? FOR GOD’S SAKE, TRY ADDING A SOUND EFFECT! It almost sounds like a dog yapping all over or some bum puking, but in reality, the children are crying. Not to offend the Hispanic heritage including mine, but is it me, or is this comic makes sense to the English/Spanish readers? However, what I like about this part is that the children are having nightmares and think that something is wrong, but Miguel’s door has a cameo from the kid’s door where the letter M shaped like the Gmail. And not just that, the children had nightmares at night, and because this comic is so funny, the author mentioned pure shit in real life of how the children think that something happened like it’s missing or something touched them, ZOMBIES, and the most laughable part is this one “El wifi no funcionaba” as in the wifi at her home is not working. MY GOD! WHY NOT LOOK AT THE ROUTER, THIS IS AN EMBARRASSMENT! But the source of all that is a haunted factory that the kids just stumbled in the middle of the road, which the kids would make more sense that the dogs are avoiding that place. Inside the factory, they’ve encountered a monster which probably a source of the children’s nightmares but the first that they found is a radio that plays an audio cassette to scare children in their sleep which is “Sonidos Aterradores Para Pronocar Pesadillas a los Niños”, which would mean a contraption to make terrifying sounds to provoke nightmares for children. And at the end, they captured the villain with a butterfly net.

The next chapter shows that the moon bear was minding his own business playing with his action figures until he found a rock that fell from the sky which is some meteorite, and then some adult mailwoman who dressed like the Arabs told Red panda and Moon bear that one of the buildings are missing. And, son of a dump trump, this part is when the Jojo references pulled the star finger out of the author’s head. The mailwoman confirmed that one of the buildings has disappeared and the kids built a machine that brings the building back from another dimension using that same meteorite that moon panda found from the sky. I’m not going to go one every page to review all this shit, I’m only going to pick out one of the few chapters that are important to the plot, references and something that interests mostly the readers.

There’s this part when the children are making their own comics of themselves which is the origins and that part is very sweet for the siblings. However, it makes me think about how much my sister and I spent together since childhood. But anyway, red panda showed moon bear the comic of their origins. From the start, the red panda and the other children were being harassed by a Frankenstein monster who likes to eat the children’s lunches. Right until she found a raccoon cape and told her brother that the world is a scary place so he cooperates with her to fight evil. The other part is that the children went to the library to read nothing else than reading comics. Until something is different about the library, and unlike the factory that they’ve gone to last night, the whole library is haunted too by the dead author who tried to finish a novel that she’s writing and lived her life as a ghost soaring around the library. If this whole place is actually Dracula’s library, then Alucard would have told the librarian to take care of the dead author, while he keeps himself busy finding Richter Belmont. The dead author’s story that she was writing is about a historic genre about her family and how they came to Cuba which is more like her memoir, but all of that cost of her personal life to move to another country just to find a better life for her. It wasn’t all that bad for her until the children discovered a contraption right under the library floor which is an abandoned laboratory. The moon panda uses his silver gauntlet to use its magic to find her novel that lies in that basement, and speaking that it’s something is loved and lost. However, it opened a path to the void to get the novel while seeing a librarian named Ana Maria which is the author’s granddaughter. Even when she got the novel she mentioned that their witchcraft actually works just because the Moon bear used his gauntlet to guide her. I bet that all that witchcraft came from another time I guess. And after that, they asked Ana Maria about her relative’s novel which they gave to her to finish it so she can rest in peace.

And lastly, there is a part in the comic which didn’t make sense to me. When the two kids are sharing the story to Red Panda and Moon Bear about a rumor of the school last night, the lights are flickering like Nosferatu’s doing, but there’s someone doing the experiments at school and showed the picture which is a purple fart which almost looks like an alien from another world. So the kids and their dogs went to investigate at night, and while they were there inside the school, they discovered some portal to another dimension or time. I bet Saint Germain was there telling them to about how the cults used the night creature to suck up all the people in town to open up a portal to bring back Dracula, while telling them how pernil makes them get fat, and Jason was there too. But as soon they found out that those dogs are actually aliens from another galaxy and accidentally opened a portal out of the blue. Their plot is to destroy this planet and eat humans on this planet. But to avoid the chaos, they disguised themselves into earth dogs which is out of the ordinary, however, the purple fart clouds came out the portal to do what? To eat the interior of the basement, the school, and even the planet. After when they sent those creatures back to the portal, the kids have one of the dopest cliched ideas that ever seen, THEY PAINTED THE SCHOOL AS IT USED TO BE. But the dogs went back to their world too in order to avoid the chaos that they and the alien would bring to this world.

It’s a great story to be told for children, but the fact for creating this comic seems to be done as a 10-year-old. But it’s kind of sweet to share the story of two siblings dressed as superheroes and protect their hometown, it’s cute and fun to see what adventures lie upon them. I’m not gonna say anything about the art, because I just think after passing page through the page from the story and art, it’s actually great for the children to read, even Spanish readers. And the drawing style reminds me of Adventure Time. And with that, we have the last nicest things, I will ever say about this comic. To create a comic based on two siblings playing superheroes is an adventure, if you rather want to read a comic that is more likely every childhood memory that you spent, then this is for you.

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