Comic Review: Undiscovered Country Vol. 1: Destiny (Image Comics)

Image Comics brings you a graphic novel that literary left the United States missing on the western continent in Undiscovered Country in the first issue. So this is the comic […]

Image Comics brings you a graphic novel that literary left the United States missing on the western continent in Undiscovered Country in the first issue.

So this is the comic that absolutely scarred the face of the earth. Time to bring out a big pile bullshit factor, as you can see I’m all ready because in order to relate this comic over the fact that the year 2020 is upon us and the war, you get this comic that spat right out of your head. The story is written by Scott Snyder and Charles Soule and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Leonardo Marcello Grassi, and colorist by Matt Wilson. And this comic would make your jaw drop the fact that the United States is missing because the whole country can become a battlefield.

The front cover shows the western continent of the globe and it only shows Canada, Mexico, and Latin America, and the smaller part of South America. One thing I do like is that the cover designer Drew Gill actually left the U.S., out in transparent or the country has disappeared in thin air. Is God doing this? I hope not. For some reason, all the countries are painted in the opposite color of red which would be destruction or something. There’s a quote by Rober Kirkman which is written “The next Walking Dead? More like the first Undiscovered Country! Don’t sleep on this book!” I think that Robert is describing that this book is more like The Walking Dead as if the zombies took over the country. But that’s not the point, the point is this book is describing how bad the plot of the story can be when the whole United States just went genocide. I wouldn’t relate to the Walking Dead, because this year, it’s just what they’re trying to predict of what we’re doing right now, and right now I’m reviewing this comic as if I’m talking to a mirror.

The story starts when the main characters are traveling on a helicopter to the U.S. However when they reached the country, it seemed that America is at war from outsiders, even though, the Americans have built a serious defense system to infiltrate the enemy from the ocean from above, anywhere. But this isn’t Attack of Titan, what is this shit? However, the whole thing started a year ago in Europe where most people are suffering from a war, and somehow some people are falling into ill. There, the main character is telling another person to take a pill because he has a fever. However, a ranking officer from the military helped the doctor to get her away from the virus that spread from the sky, and get help from the other side of the continent. So the thing when they reached the western continent, they were attacked by some terrorists who pose like one of the gang members riding mammals, sea creatures, and insects? Am I even that close to call this animal cruelty? By the time when they got there, everyone thinks that it’s not safe there, even people who are trafficking with some moving houses, trailers, and even a ship that looks exactly looks like a fortress, right in the middle of the death canyon in Arizona. Right until a masked old man who looked like Uncle Sam, guided the main characters to the underground place where all the refugees are and claimed to them that we all want to save America. The villain of the comic is nothing more than an astronaut with glowing anthers who is actually manipulating everyone in this country, which is that kind of tyranny that Donald Trump has right now. As much as I want to read this comic, it’s more like playing Borderlands where everything in that world has left deserted and one of the players has to survive. Will, they are willing to save America from the genocide and find a way to cure the virus?

The story has more in an ironic way, I can’t even imagine a story which relates almost everything of what’s happening right now. There’s this pandemic of this so-called “sky virus” which is literary spreads the disease through the air filled with some poisonous gas or something, and then there’s the wall to enter America that Donald Trump never shut up about it. And the masked terrorist who rides the creatures as vehicles which is almost looked like the riots over police brutality in a nutshell. The funny thing about this can put a hypothesis of what’s happening right now, but as in real life, it shows any evidence of what’s going on right now, and now the police can’t do anything to protect the New Yorkers from gun shootings around the neighborhood. The art is somewhat realistic, but the environment of America and the character designs between the creatures, the gangs, and the villain almost takes you to another Star Wars movie. Have you ever watched a Star Wars movie where Darth Vader or Kylo Ren has some deer anther or horns that can actually lit up as the force tells you to? There’s a lot of sci-fi genres going on between the comic, however, all of this is like your crazy ass weekend, and this is all hell of a weekend of what the characters have been through. Right on every end of the chapter, you’ll see some of the quotes written from the characters of the story which come from the Euro-Afrique Alliance or somewhere explaining their experience and suffering. The whole story is shrouded in a mystery for a comic which is so-called Undiscovered Continent, which actually makes Christopher Columbus and Uncle Sam look like some assholes, and I already explained how bad that pandemic was and it’s not that pretty either. So anyway, Undiscovered Continent, it’s a bizarre comic to read from a bizarre era that we’re going through right now.

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