Comic Review: Mega Man: Fully Charged #1 (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios releases another Cartoon Network comic adaptation of Capcom’s blue bomber which is MegaMan Fully Charged on its first volume. And believe me, this is the alternate counterpart of […]

BOOM! Studios releases another Cartoon Network comic adaptation of Capcom’s blue bomber which is MegaMan Fully Charged on its first volume.

And believe me, this is the alternate counterpart of the original Capcom’s MegaMan series. As much as I love playing the MegaMan series from every arc, this alternate series is a waste, but not just trash, ugh I don’t know what to say about this, but releasing a comic adaptation would make up everything after the show got removed by Cartoon Network after season one. The comic is written by A.J. Marchisello and Marcus Rinehart and illustrated by Stefano Simeone. And fun facts, this is the third MegaMan TV series other than the cartoon in the 90s, on Cartoon Network, follows MegaMan Battle Network anime from 2003 and MegaMan Star Force from 2007.

I don’t even need to talk about the front cover, because it shows him jumping from buildings while charging up his Mega Buster. From the appearance, he doesn’t look like the original MegaMan, other than that he looked like MegaMan X because of his helmet, don’t ask how I know that, it’s totally obvious. And on the right side, you’ll see a retro pixel Mettaur on the background of the building which would know that Capcom has something to do with the series. To give you some pointers, this alternate series didn’t bring up Dr. Wily, Dr. Cossack, his daughter Kalinka, Blues/Protoman, and Forte/Bass and Treble. Instead, this gives you some mediocre side cast of characters and such.

The story starts when one of the writers did not include their best usual start-up of the story which is “In the year, 20XX” cliches, instead, we have this “How did we end up here?” cliche, as a sorry excuse for an opening. Mega Man asks himself to what he’s gotten into the past 6 months fighting against the robot masters to save the city. Instead of Dr.Wily operating them with his DR.W insignia or something, now its Sargeant Night who operates the robot masters… it’s ridiculous. Why do I even bother bringing this up? Because this is what this alternate storyline was about. Then later, Dr. Thomas Light of this version, which he is now in the mid-50s and not the really heavy version to the original. He goes to The Badlands with his assistant robots to see Skull Man at a place called No Man’s Land. Skull Man appears to more intimidating than the original and the Battle Network series, but instead of possessing his famous primary weapon, the Skull Barrier, he just wields a sword. Then Megaman shows up and the other robot who is assisting him. He outmatched with Skull Man and he tries to drill his helmet to awaken his memories of his past fighting against the robot masters for murder. After that, Dr. Light kicked him, and took Megaman and got far away from him to his home. A girl named Suna, the counterpart of Roll waited for them and the story ends when his “brother” spies on him.

So the story is almost related to Capcom’s series, but this alternate series got a few changes and this is one of the things that I’m not very fond of whenever there are people who don’t recognize the video game franchise very well. It’s the same plot but different characters and appearances from the video game. The art is un-very Capcom like which is Keiji Inafune’s art style, and the character designs are somewhat becoming much more similar than the 1987 cover art of MegaMan on NES and the cartoon itself. As I said of Dr. Light, he looked slim for a guy in the mid-50s, MegaMan looked like X, and even without his armor, which is Rock or Aki Light on this series, which he looks like a middle schooler which all the other characters are, and his brother at the starting pages almost looked like an angsty teenager trapped in a boy’s body, please don’t ask me if he’s Protoman because if he is, I’m going to lose it. Megaman’s movements are almost what you expect him from the game, but it’s not. Because unlike the game, he actually fights violently, hitting his opponents, firing his look like plasma laser out of a Mega Buster, and his dog Rush, ugh don’t even get me started because his design looked ridiculous. Have you played the game where MegaMan uses the Rush Jet, and suddenly his legs have wings? No, this comic makes a complete mockery to the fans. His Rush Jet, instead of his legs were transformed into a rocket, but in this version, his legs turned into wings, I bet he dranks so much of Energy Red Bull cans. I had enough of this, my head hurts, I rather re-play the MegaMan games or re-read the Archie comics version just to show how much different than this one has (come to think of it, I haven’t finished the MegaMan Zero series, yet.) So, MegaMan Fully Charged comic adaptation is a continuation of the actual show from the Cartoon Network if you feel like knowing what happens next.

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