Toy Review: One:12 Collective John Wick (Mezco Toyz)

” You want a war or do you just wanna give me a gun?” Back Story:  Since 2014, John Wick, now on its third chapter with a possible 4th and […]

” You want a war or do you just wanna give me a gun?”

Back Story:  Since 2014, John Wick, now on its third chapter with a possible 4th and 5th chapter, has enjoyed continued success on the big screen. John Wick is a retired contract killer pulled back into the business by revenge for the death of his dog and the theft of his car.  The success of the movies has rolled over into collectibles from DST, Revoltech, and Now One: 12 Collective for Chapter 2.

What’s in the Box: The box or in this case the collective tin is chocked full of and I mean packed full of goodies. Included is of course on John Wick in classic suit, tie, belt, shoes, and wristwatch. 10 interchangeable hands, 2 head portraits one with hair slicked back one with hair down and some cuts. Accessories included are a dual-layer weapons storing trunk, 12 stacks of gold coins, 4 grenades, 2 subcompact handguns, 2 semiautomatic handguns, 1 twelve-gauge shotgun with pump-action, one machine gun with two removable clips and a double ammo clip holder, 1 knife, four blast SFX, John Wick logo stand, and one dynamic posed pitbull although they just call it a dog on the site, in the movie its a pitbull.

The Verdict: It is a nice change of pace to escape the world of superheroes and enjoy an action star from a popular film. Although there have been many Mezco Figures other than DC or Marvel this was one that needed to be added to the collection. The selling point for me was the tons of accessories and the dog. I am a pitbull advocate and believe their stigma needs to be broken. The fact that they added the dog even though they do not call it a pitbull yet is a step in the right direction of breaking that stigma. Multiple points of articulation of course including double-jointed elbows. the suit was a bit cumbersome making posing a bit touchy but after careful handling, I was able to achieve some good poses. Overall another hit for Mezco and this one flew off the internet shelves quickly. The other thing I like about Mezco is their stuff isn’t massively produced and these figures tend to hold value for those who love to buy and sell for that purpose. Thus the debate to open and play or the leave and sit still lives on with collectors. If you can find this guy snag him he is a great addition to anyone’s collection

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