Comic Review: Dark Nights Death Metal: Trinity Crisis #1 (DC Comics)

DC Comics releases another Dark Knights Death Metal story arc where the story takes place on the edge of the universe in Trinity Crisis on its first issue. So, this […]

DC Comics releases another Dark Knights Death Metal story arc where the story takes place on the edge of the universe in Trinity Crisis on its first issue.

So, this comic is full of series of Batman which is titled “Dark Knights Death Metal”, even so, the story actually focuses on the multiverse of DC Superheroes from another dimension. However, in every Death Metal comics, it includes Harley Quinn and a horde of Batman Who Laughs. The comic is written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Francis Manapul. Francis is a Filipino Canadian comic artist and writer who is known for his work on Image’s Witchblade which is originally created by Marc Silvestri, and The Necromancer for Top Cow which is the partner studio of Image founded by Marc. However a few years ago, right before this comic is introduced to DC, he became the writer and artist for the DC Rebirth comic book series Trinity.

First of all, I do like the front cover of the comic that Francis made, it shows a series of Dark Nights superheroes versions of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman who is standing on top of the planets, surrounded by the Krypto infested Superman. As for him, he seemed pissed for some reason, even when he’s that mad, it’s most likely that he wants to take over the universe. If it’s not enough, above him it shows one of the two villains has Superman in custody, just who are they exactly, and why are they manipulating him? On the other cover page of the comic, it shows some of the sickest art in DC Comic history, here we have the Dark Nights Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman posing so badass, it almost seems that you’re in Spawn’s universe now. The designs of their clothing looked so cool, as for that it shows some similarity to one of Image’s superheroes. One thing that confuses me though, despite the other Dark Night Death Metal comic that I’ve reviewed, why is Wonder Woman wielding a chainsaw? The story would be told of why she became so powerful in the first place. The story starts to split a few parts of the story, here we have the DC universe heroes who are going through such a crisis moment of every battle they fought. However, the Dark Nights are going on a mission to go out against the Batman Who Laughs army, along with Scarecrow and Harley Quinn.

Right off the bat, part two of the comic shows a serious landscape of Batman Who Laughs’ stronghold, but as for the Dark Nights, they seem to be taking a different path which is somewhere in the forest just to find Barbatos which is a big batman grim reaper. And the story ends when the Dark Nights encounter another Superman named Superboy-Prime which is basically looked like Superman who experienced eternal youth.

The storytelling seemed to be interesting at a matter of time, whoever the fact that this comic makes you think that there’s another Multiverse going on there which it shat out more heroes out of nowhere. But these heroes hold the key to humanity’s survival of this world, the Justice League are battling against good and evil, but how long does the battle must go on? Francis’ art style demonstrates how every DC Superheroes defines how they take action to save the universe. Most of the characters take the initiative motion of movement whenever they battle their enemies. How he processes his illustrations of the characters, the details of the art shows of how much lightning he used to make a rough draft out of Clip Studio Paint, just according to that post of his that I saw on Instagram. The concept and the line art shows how he demonstrates the characters are interacting with motion, as Wonder Woman holds a shiny cube at the palm of her hand. And he even rough drafted the whole thing with a notebook paper and scanned through any digital art programs, it was crazy. Yes, it the basics though, but coming from him, it’s a different process of how pro artists use to plan the drawing very carefully, well that is to say. So Dark Nights Trinity Crisis is an epic comic to read and to show how they fought through the end of time.

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