Comic Review: Alienated SC (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios bring you another sci-fi comic about some teenagers who discovers an alien bioweapon that has landed on this planet in Alienated the graphic novel. So, this is the […]

BOOM! Studios bring you another sci-fi comic about some teenagers who discovers an alien bioweapon that has landed on this planet in Alienated the graphic novel.

So, this is the comic that focuses more on how dangerous these aliens are which is more than having E.T inherit one of the earthlings some special powers inside their hearts. But this is different coming from this comic because the story is going to have some teenagers going down a dangerous road. The story is written by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Chris Wildgoose. Simon Spurrier is a British comic writer and novelist who wrote several series in his homeland like Lobster Random, Bec & Kawl, and such, in the British small press, then he worked in the American comics industry for years, wrote comics for Marvel and such. And Chris Wildgoose is a UK-based artist who worked on several DC Comics like Batgirl: Rebirth, Gotham Academy, and Batman: Nightwalker. His art style is another thing because his style is similar to the other DC and Image comics that I’ve read, but all I can say that his style is more than meets the eye.

The front cover shows a distinctive background of a person sleeping inside a capsule and the’s surrounded by some strange strings or tentacles around him. I dunno what to say but this is bizarre to have a cover art of one of the main characters in the middle taking a slumber while the other two are minding their own business. And you know what’s the funny part, is that all the three main characters are named “Sam” but with different names, which is Samuel, Samantha, and Samir. I guess you could say that those three are a team of outcast teenagers or something. There’s a quote by Brian K. Vaughan who wrote Saga and Paper Girls on Image comics saying that this comic is “brilliant concept, gorgeous art, and one of his favorite writers.” Well, he’s not wrong for one thing, I mostly like the art cover and the character designs because one thing for sure is that the story can be menacing, to begin with, it’s about aliens at first, but then it turns out to be a modern story in every teenager’s life.

The story starts when Samuel is streaming his video, wearing a hoodie and a mask that almost makes him a terrorist or a vigilante, however, while he’s streaming a video, he’s talking about world history which would make social studies a no-brainer to the readers. No long ago, Samantha and Samir gathered together going with the same everyday life problems or something and now walking to the woods while chatting. Then they discovered a blue egg that was hanging on top of the tree which makes it more common sense coming from the episode from Mandalorian where they discover a nest of some nasty spiders on a freezing planet. Once they touched it, they are starting to have hallucinations of the future, maybe psychic? That egg has some mysterious powers and makes a human disappear to nothing. It’s strange but that egg turned into some creature, but I was thinking of something more because that alien is a baby. I’m kinda surprised that this story turned into a great development of making an alien a threat to this planet, but how long will it last?

The story is kind of dark, to begin with, even the story brings of one of the teenagers who are walking to a dangerous path after some other person made it disappear to nothing made them think that they killed him. There is a lot of plot twist which involves betrayal, backstabbers, and such. And to think that discovering an alien would make them more powerful, but doesn’t know how dangerous that creature was. The art is really well detailed with the character designs that the artist drew. I come by to understand the anatomy of every other character design from every artist that they drew, but this one is more like having their motion more common sense. The facial expressions seemed to be more real, to begin with, and the motion of the characters are putting much more action, I like it. In fact, the whole comic is like Stranger Things where the children are filming an amateur horror film for the class. There are other comics of that setting that I can think of, but this one is like Goosebumps in a nutshell at the very least. So Alienated is a wonderful story, but really menacing to tell about how the teenagers met an alien in the first place.

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