Comic Review: Adventureman Vol. 1: The End And Everything After (Image Comics)

Image Comics releases a graphic novel of the greatest superhero whose life has ended and started a new beginning in Adventureman The End and Everything After on its first volume. […]

Image Comics releases a graphic novel of the greatest superhero whose life has ended and started a new beginning in Adventureman The End and Everything After on its first volume.

So I’d expected to see someone who is a fan of Superman, but we get to see a hero who’s amazed for an adventure which is Adventureman. But unfortunately, we won’t get to see him fully in this version because this time we get to focus on a single mother and her son to find a way to resurrect him. The story is written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Terry and Rachel Dodson. Matt’s last name is Fritchman and he’s best known for writing some titles of Marvel Comics such as The Invincible Iron Man and Uncanny X-Men, and other titles from Image and DC Comics. While the Dodsons are a team of artists who worked together as husband and wife, but they also illustrated some of the Marvel Comics titles including Uncanny X-Men, unlike them they worked together, while Terry is doing the drawing and coloring and Rachel is doing the inking for every comic page, which I will explain about it later.

The front cover shows something that is much more likely to be the front cover issue of Witchblade. It depends on the art style of what the Dodsons contributed, but this front cover shows a movie poster between the hero and the villain. And the funny thing that this is supposed to be a steampunk genre of a comic because it shows some airships in the background. At least I could reflect something from Batman the Animated Series and Legend of Korra because every comic genre would start making a steampunk world like this. And then the two main characters are teaming up while the boy is pointing his finger on the upper side as if something is coming from the sky. And aside from those two, the boy seems to be holding a book of alchemy which can explain where all this craziness comes from.

The story starts when the whole city is going apeshit because the whole city is being attacked from above, and the commissioner claimed that there’s a great and grand evil pouring out of the sky, which would explain why the villains are using blimps as a sign to start a war, just like the Nazis. Then Adventureman and his team step up to save the city. The team has faced some numbers of enemies, old foes, and shits and giggles, but there is one villain whose uses the book of alchemy to write and decides Adventureman’s fate, and that was the story while the single mother named Claire just read the whole book for her son, Tommy. And from the looks of it, we don’t know what happened to him, is he dead, or is he’s in a long slumber. Although the magic book was cursed, the author who wrote that book actually predicted Adventureman’s last stand. Then one day, when she’s working at a used book store, a strange customer came by to sell one of her books, but Claire witnessed that there’s a mysterious book with Adventureman’s insignia on the front cover. But then she and some strange people ran to the back door and escaped. But what’s so bizarre about that book is the same magic book that confirmed Adventureman’s disappearance. I can refer to that book which is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance plot, but how in the hell does Claire adjust the magic of the book just to send her to another world to experience some adventures, but suddenly she gained some powers that came from that book.

The whole plot is farfetched but it almost sounds like that this book has gone to another dimension because that magic book exists in this world. It may sound crazy, but the story is almost similar to Witchblade because the whole plot of Adventureman focuses on different worlds just according to that book. The Dodsons’ art is inspired by the art style of Witchblade which is created by Marc Silvestri, which I would believe about the plot itself, but the main character shows a lot of reflexed after obtaining that book of magic, but I didn’t witness their art style fully, but I will on the second volume. And this is the second of one of the Image Comics titles that are rated E for Everyone, but unlike the Bully Wars comic, this one has a lot of exciting adventures for children and adults. If you rather want to experience an exciting adventure about a single mother who extremely in the joy of her adventures, then this is for you.

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