Comic Review: Dark Nights Death Metal The Secret Origins #1 (DC Comics)

DC Comics releases another Dark Nights Death Metal comic which can be a serious plot twist to the readers in The Secret Origin on its first issue. So from Batman, […]

DC Comics releases another Dark Nights Death Metal comic which can be a serious plot twist to the readers in The Secret Origin on its first issue.

So from Batman, Wonder Woman, and etc, this time we get to focus on Superman which is portrayed by a boy who is a fan of Superman. Having a comic called “Secret Origin” would make the story very different from the main plot of Superman where Clark just gain Kryptonite superpowers and uses them to save everyone on this planet. But we get this comic in a nutshell. The story is written by Scott Snyder and Geoff Johns and made by various artists who worked on this comic together. Come on, MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Why is there every comic that I review is drawn by some different artists, Can’t I least to talk about a single artist who just made this comic FOR 5 MINUTES?!

The front cover of the comic shows a distinctive world where Superboy-Prime fights against one of the Batman Who Laughs’ minions who harbors around the shadows and depending on the title, it’s not really Batman story related, but this comic focuses on the origin of Superman in another realm. Even so, looking at this cover, the artist chose to color the background in warm color while he’s fighting his opponent. Ok, THE PLOT, oh god, let me tell you about this comic, it’s actually insane and a total disgrace to the Superman franchise. The story starts in another world called “Earth-Prime” and it took place in 1984 where a young fanboy named Clark Kent, that’s right, THE Clark Kent in this comic has been reading superman because he admired so much of him, but at the end, he claims that he “betrayed” him. For what reason? I don’t know. The strangest thing is that his parents named him after a superhero from the DC Universe makes the bullies who want to pick him over that theory. Right until Laurie steps up to them and has them banned from going to the store to destroy the merchandise which is one of them who tore the comic to half. Afterward, young Clark went out with Laurie for some time, right until on Halloween when they went for a party at the beach, he heard a strange voice that is calling him from the skies. It’s strange but somehow he got dragged to space just to see the planet perish before him, along with his girlfriend, family, and friends gone and caught from that blast.

During that time, he fights for justice as Superboy-Prime because this is a multiverse version of the comic, and to be damn sure, his whole team is a herd of Supermen and women, and so does Krypto the Super Dog. Clark is not very fond of Superman anymore because the planet got destroyed, and somehow he has a thing against dogs now. And then the whole team fought against the Batman Who Laughs’ army which is now “WHO BARFS”, oh my god this is stupid. If laughter wasn’t enough for them now they intend to have an army who likes to puke? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! So they fought every last one of them until Clark sacrificed himself to defeat the leader and died. And just a few moments ago, it’s time to jump to the real world as he was reading the Dark Nights Death Metal comic that I’m reviewing. And you know what pisses me off the most, is that most of these comics can’t be too real for the main character, but LOOKING AT THE END OF THE PAGE IS JUST TOO REVEALING AS THE ARTIST TRIES TO COPY THE PAGE TO THE SAME PAGE THAT I’M LOOKING AT. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?! I’m sorry, I am so done with this comic because it’s actually magic around this comic and leaves the readers with confusion.

The story is surprising that it’s telling the story of Superman in another world, and how this main character can be so messed up with his life to admire superman and leaving everyone he loves to die. I don’t know what to say but this comic is not really meant for children and teens to read. I guess it’s my opinion because we’re going to the point that this world that this comic takes place makes the readers scratch their heads with confusion.

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