Comic Review: Bomb Queen Vol. 8: Trump Card (Image Comics)

Image Comics releases an anti-hero who has eliminated and subsequently banned all superheroes from New Port City, who is now hanging out with Donald Trump in Bomb Queen Vol. 8 […]

Image Comics releases an anti-hero who has eliminated and subsequently banned all superheroes from New Port City, who is now hanging out with Donald Trump in Bomb Queen Vol. 8 the graphic novel.

Now I never even heard about this comic, even though Image has one of the sickest comics that I collected through years. But for a comic like this about a supervillain who banned all heroes in the city is a twist. But when I came across this graphic novel, I could almost think what the future of America has a hold to them. The story and art are created by Jimmie Robinson, he did not just create Bomb Queen, but he also created a few comics published by Image. He entered the comics industry by publishing eight issues of Cyberzone in 1994, following up a spin-off four-issue comic called Amanda and Gunn in 1996. He may be an old man, but he wrote and drew comics for over 20 years, and somehow it’s realistic to realize what your goals are.

Alright, so here we go, this is most by far, the sickest cover arts of all cover arts on Image Comics, the front cover shows a scene where Donald Trump is giving a piggyback to Bomb Queen. And to be honest, this is what defines sexual harassment to Trump. From the moment when I witnessed this cover art, I’m guessing that Trump is feeling her thighs on his cheeks. And somehow, Bomb Queen is holding some handles to control some puppets, but in reality, it seems that she’s controlling Donald Trump. It’s weird and disturbing at the same time because it came from the news where Trump described it as “Vagina Neck” which would mean that someone edited at the White House to show something as a joke, see more in the back of the book. From the start of the story, there a letter was written by the author telling the readers that the Bomb Queen was spectacular to him and the readers ever since he started working that comic for 8 years. But then he started to have an idea to create a political-themed story which would make it seem obvious, then he mentions Donald Trump that he kept posting something on Twitter and ruin his entire story. So this story takes you to an alternative universe where the election and presidential campaign go wrong.

The story takes place in 2024, a group of heroes which is the White Knight kidnaps Bomb Queen and asked her that she would run against Trump in the 2024 election to become the president of the U.S., and then give her place to White Knight. It seemed random at first but imagine her as the president, I bet she would give off some charities to the poor people or something. This is actually a huge twist of this story because people are making some assumptions that she would be fit to run for president. The whole thing is a surprise and this comic makes all the characters look up to her. Not by someone who actually posts a tweet saying “The Fake News Media has NEVER been more Dishonest or Corrupt than it is right now. There has never been a time like this in American History. Very exciting but also, very sad!” Then there’s that time when she was announced at a national television where Bomb Queen threw a swear bomb to Trump and he immediately posted so many for the followers to read. This is more than just a conspiracy, but we’re talking about a fictional world where Bomb Queen is battling the elections against Donald Trump, and it really turning out to be an adult version of comic relief in a nutshell.

The story is something, but it was twist alright. Imagine, Bomb Queen as the president? It’s a big world out there, full of bullshit. But coming from this comic shows the readers how to fix America and make it great again. For me I’m glad that Trump is out of commission and Biden is taking his place this year. After witnessing this comic, it’s hilarious but weird and gross in the same way. The art is more realistic in a violent way because whenever I saw the rough draft of the cover art at the end of the book, it seems that he recreated Donald Trump’s face in his art style, which made it much more different than the actual president. He’s good with the anatomy and somehow the vagina neck cover art piece defines how this comic should be after seeing his tweets. The characters are very likable too, I just wonder if I get more material about his art, I would experiment with it, more importantly, I would like to meet him someday if there’s by chance if NYCC is gonna open again, free from covid. So, in this graphic novel, if you rather want to witness an electoral showdown between him and Bomb Queen in the alternative universe, then this is for you.

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