Gundam model Kits: Intro to Gunpla and Mobile suit Gundam.

“Do what you want, the way you want to” History of Mobile Suit Gundam: Mobile Suit Gundam originated in 1979 by creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and a changing group of Sunrise […]

“Do what you want, the way you want to”

History of Mobile Suit Gundam: Mobile Suit Gundam originated in 1979 by creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and a changing group of Sunrise Creators known as the Hajime Yatate. Most Gundam suits are bipedal humanoid type vehicles controlled by a human known as a newtpyes (genetically enhanced humans adapted for space). Scifi military media franchised mainly aimed at the teenage boy demographic.

Gundam Model kits are kits depicting characters, and vehicles from the Gundam universe. The name Gunpla derives from the phrase Gundam plastic models. These kits became popular in the eighties among anime and model enthusiasts in Japan and bordering Asian countries. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that Gundam spread to North America and Europe due to television, manga, and video. As of 2015 more than 450 million kits were sold worldwide by Bandai. Over two thousand model kits exist.

Scales are measured in grades. 1/144 is considered high grade/real grade and measures around 4 inches in height now some high-grade kits exist in 6-inch scale as well this is also considered an entry grade building kit. Master grade is 1/100th scale and usually stands between 6 and 8 inches tall. This grade is considered a bit more difficult and includes more articulation. Perfect grade stands 12 inches tall and considered a tough build for experienced builders and enthusiasts. I myself have built one perfect grade to date and it took several weeks and a lot of eye squinting to get it done however, it is one beautiful figure and these kits are the most expensive ranging anywhere between 150 to 1000 dollars depending on the kit and how available they are.

We decided this would be a great way to introduce ourselves to a growing demographic by bringing Gundams to the site. I was introduced to them in the nineties but lost interest shortly after wasn’t my thing at the time price and time was not available to me. Little over a year ago my son( I raised a pop-culture enthusiast) got into building them as a way to help him stay focused on his life instead of his party days. He will be 29 this year ( I know I’m old  on the outside ). His love and passion for Gundams brought me back into the fold we found a common bonding thing to do. Many a days we have sat and built together. If your looking for something for you and your children to do this is a great way to come together. It may not be for everyone but I think if I can turn a few parents to fans you will not regret the bonding time you get with your children instead of one-word answer because their face is buried in a phone, tablet, or gaming system. Not to mention even if you don’t have kids their are many building communities out there to learn, and make friends to build with obviously at this time you have to stay safe due to the virus but doesn’t mean you can’t find a community to hang with via virtual calls and eventually build nights.

I will continue to bring you kits as I get them and build them. I have two master grades to work on and review. I hope you appreciate the enthusiasm and passion I have for the Gunpla and I look forward to sharing them with you

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