Comic Review: Getting it Together OGN (Image Comics)

Image Comics releases a graphic novel which is related to some tv show Friends, but of modern life in Getting it Together the graphic novel. So what happens if you […]

Image Comics releases a graphic novel which is related to some tv show Friends, but of modern life in Getting it Together the graphic novel.

So what happens if you take a plot which took place in Los Angeles, fills up with some dramatic sequences of adults going around with some bullshit, and ends up in another episode of Seinfeld, you get this comic while scratching your brains out. Anyway, this comic is like taking you to another life when you’re in your 20s when life has turned upside down, but then everything is turning to another Let’s Play webcomic on Webtoon. This comic is written by Sina Grace and Omar Spahi, and illustrated by Jenny D. Fine. Jenny is a “newcomer” artist which Image comics stated at the back of the book, who is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer. Before drawing comics, she got her start in LA doing posters and merchandise for comedians, some tv shows that you’re familiar with. However, she spent 3 years as a Digital Designer at Warner Brothers, then at CW Network.

The front cover art shows nothing less than another of her designs which resembled a poster for a tv show. And from the looks of it, the concept is fairly focused on using acrylic color. And suddenly, all the characters are holding their umbrellas with some primary colors, except that bearded man in the middle has his umbrella colored with blue which almost confuses viewers that the umbrella is invisible, so she actually used contrast just to make the color look darker. Oh, and I like the quote that was written by Brian Michael Bendis, a veteran comic book writer who does his work for Marvel Comics wrote: “What an honest, warm book of the moment.” Well, you’re not wrong, in fact, Sina Grace wrote the story with Omar so what could go wrong? I’m just kidding, you’ll get yourself mind ducked over the story.

The story starts in a messy friend’s room where the narrator stated that “Sam’s side of the breakup.” Apparently, Sam is bawling over his breakup with his girlfriend because he went through the conclusions, just for sex. Then after that, Jack got called over for a date night at a Mexican restaurant where it gets awkward when you date a guy over dinner, and then slept together. Every character has their different story, but it seems that they’re having much more of a life as normal individuals. And I can actually relate to some people in my area, even college, because the whole is like real life, and there’s not much to talk about here because you’re reading another reality tv show with drama, sex appeals, and music. And life can control your fate in their 20s because life has some ups and downs for them and they’ll never have a chance to escape it.

The story is random for a drama genre to begin with, and there’s nothing to talk about because this is like real life. I don’t know what else to talk about, except to discuss Jenny D. Fine’s art. Well, she may be a designer, but from what it worth, she designed the characters well. This is one of another drawn from real people kind of art style, and I get that a lot from reviewing other comics. I do like how she did all the line artwork on the comic because I feel like I wasn’t the only one messing around with the line art with some mistakes and it suddenly makes me feel that this is a novice level. No seriously, I started drawing comics again a year ago, and suddenly I have a lot to learn. The inking is very rich whenever there is a scene where the girls are playing with their guitars, that is so satisfying. So this comic may be exciting for social interactions, but very dramatic to bring a comic like this for Image comics which may be a good thing for readers to experience.

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