Comic Review: Wydn Book One (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios release a fantasy comic that takes you into a world of magic and it’s about a boy who goes on a journey to discover himself in WYND Book […]

BOOM! Studios release a fantasy comic that takes you into a world of magic and it’s about a boy who goes on a journey to discover himself in WYND Book One: The Flight of the Prince.

Now, I expect to find something much more similar to another comic called Canto, but this comic takes you on a magical journey. However this comic is more than just going over Dungeons and Dragons or Hooky on Webtoon but this world just decided to set a lot of rules through a kingdom. The comic is written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Michael Dialynas. I don’t really need to remind you who James is, but Michael is a comic artist based in Greece. He’s more influenced to create some fantasy comic series such as WYND, but he also published both of his graphic novel and comic series such as “Trinkets: An Attic Full of Stories” and “Swan Songs” on Comicdon Press. He’s also the co-creator of The Woods with James on Boom! Studios. And he’s also involved in illustrating TMNT and DC’s Gotham Academy.

The front cover shows something that took from an inspiration after reading The Never Promised Land manga. Here it shows the intimidating concept art of a berserker who is totally pissed around town and burned everything down, while on the downside, the characters seem that they’re finding a way to escape. And from the looks of it, the cover art is so dark, to begin with, the artist stated that he would color in a cool and dark color over the cover art.

The story starts with a young boy named Wynd, who has a secret to himself which is his genes to transform into a monster which resembled a dragon bird or something, but that is to be told because Wydn is leading to a normal life working at his parent’s dinner restaurant or a pub, I don’t know. But as soon as he going through with his life, he goes to the rooftop every morning just to see a shirtless guy jogging, that is until he saw a mysterious bandaged man which is creepy. The world is becoming a weirder place, and the kingdom has a tragic history and no man is safe from the streets. A woman called Miss Molly showed the stranger Wydn ears and overheard that she wanted to transport him to Northport by boat because the bandaged man is looking a person’s blood with magic just to execute him. Wydn was never been normal, to begin with because of his ears, so he hides them just to be a normal human being, but things have changed. Later on that day, the prince and his friend managed to take Wydn and Oakley to escape, but the bandaged man is tracking him down as they speak.

I find this story to be more interesting in thought because this comic is actually a tragic story and wars between man and magic-blooded creatures. However, the story is actually an epic adventure of a boy with some magical powers found out that he has pointed ears and exiled from town just to escape. It’s very tragic because he would never have the normal life that he actually wants as a normal human being. It’s an exciting adventure for the boy and his friends, in order to find himself and embrace his magic to protect them from the dangers that he will face. The art is actually moved me because he tends to have a lot of focus between the line art and color in comics and illustrations. But somehow it constantly changes its art style. I’ve been reading over the TMNT comics and suddenly, the linework tends to have more inking than coloring. The character designs on the TMNT are very solid, right until you go to Wydn, the style changes when designs the characters in a different way, except the bandaged man, maybe it’s probably because that is his original art style in a different way. The characters in this comic are very cartoonish and probably make this looks like to be read for children, but it comes with a different result, and it’s the story of hunting a human magic-blood user. So Wydn is a magical adventure for the youth just to discover himself.

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