Well-known comic book horror writer (and New York Times bestseller) Cullen Bunn pens the first issue of Shadowman for a 2021 arc from Valiant.

Our hero Shadowman, (Jack Boniface) protects humanity from the bad bad beings who dwell across the divide between the quick and the dead. The barrier is always vulnerable and it tears easily. Oops, another hole in the screen, here comes the evil!!!

Bunn is joined by artist Jon Davis-Hunt, colourist Jordie Bellaire and letterer Clayton Cowles.

The story is off to a good start in the first issue. Shadowman finally has a music gig booked, yay, but is interrupted by his ‘Shadow Loa’, a voodoo spirit. Forget the tunes, the Loa wants him to instead attend a very ‘classy’ masquerade party in a mansion. Something’s up. Shadowman is not easily shocked, but what he experiences at the mansion puts his dander up and his hair spiking up on end!!

The pacing is really good, the visuals support the script with some nicely designed ‘horrible’ characters. Davis-Hunt and Bellaire combine forces smoothly here, with great dramatic gestures and grisly horror scenes embued with splatters of unearthly hue.

Great fun, give this new arc a try!

Valiant Comics, Shadowman #1, $3.99 for 21 pages of story content. Multiple variant covers available. Mature

By Alan Spinney

After a career of graphic design, art direction and copywriting, I still have a passion for words and pictures. I love it when a comic book comes together; the story is tight, and the drawings lead me forward. Art with words... the toughest storytelling technique to get right. Was this comic book worth your money? Let's see!!