Diamond Select Toys gives us an incredible deluxe action figure based on the Crow.

If you’re not familiar with the Crow by now, it was 1994 supernatural revenge film starring the late Brandon Lee. The movie was based on the 1989 comic book by James O’Barr. While sleeper hit at the box office and it was a critical success, Brandon Lee was accidentally killed during filming. The film was mostly completed, but some scenes had to be digitally edited.  To this day, the Crow is still a cult hit.

Now Diamond Select has given us an amazing Crow figure that looks like he leaped off the film. Designed by Yuri Tming and sculpted by Chris Dahlberg, we get an incredible likeness of Brandon Lee in action figure form.

I’m really loving this figure. This figure is wearing the iconic trench coat and it looks great. Dahlberg really gave us a very lifelike look to the sculpt. You can see all the folds in the coat and pants. The face really does look like Lee. I also like the skinnier body on him. This isn’t a muscular character so it looks perfect. With the 16 points of articulation, you can put him in all different positions. 

For accessories, the Crow comes with a guitar that fits easily in his hands. He also comes with Eric Draven’s tombstone with a crow the can sit on top. There’s also another crow with his wing’s spread. Finally, he comes a second hand that has a hole in his hand. This comes from the scene where Funboy shoots the Crow.

Overall this is a great figure. I highly recommend it!

Many thanks to Diamond Select Toys for allowing us to check this figure out!

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By Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

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