From writers, Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden and Dark Horse is Imogen of the Wyrding Way.

This one-shot (self-contained) comic story begins in Denmark, in 1938. German Nazis are in motion, killing and imprisoning as they go. And Denmark is just across the sea. Polish refugees and others who are fleeing Germany are travelling north through Copenhagen. But there are supernatural predators along the way, and Imogen is stepping in to help the refugees. And then in Sweden, the dark magic continues.

It’s a fascinating and fantasy-filled tale, of supernatural beings of light and darkness. The wartime setting is interesting to explore too, making this a historical take on horror fiction.

Nicely illustrated by Peter Bergting, with colour by Michelle Madsen and letters by Clem Robins.

Dark Horse, Imogen of the Wyrding Way, $3.99 for 24 pages of content. Some sexual content, Mature Rating.

By Alan Spinney

After a career of graphic design, art direction and copywriting, I still have a passion for words and pictures. I love it when a comic book comes together; the story is tight, and the drawings lead me forward. Art with words... the toughest storytelling technique to get right. Was this comic book worth your money? Let's see!!