Comic Review: Icon & Rocket #1: Season One (DC Comics)

DC Comics releases another superhero comic series about an alien who landed on planet earth which is much more similar to superman in Icon and Rocket season one on its […]

DC Comics releases another superhero comic series about an alien who landed on planet earth which is much more similar to superman in Icon and Rocket season one on its first issue.

So hear me out, what happens if you take the plot of superman, turns the whole story into the beginnings of the story, then turns the story as the focus of a female protagonist teaming up with an alien, you’d get this comic right out of Guardians of the Galaxy cliché. This comic is more of superman who finds a sidekick to work alongside him, but this story is much more similar to that because there are some stories that focus on that plot. The comic is written by Reginald Hudlin and illustrated by Doug Braithwaite. Reginald is an American film screenwriter and a comic-book writer, who wrote numerous graphic novels, and wrote some famous scripts for films such as Bebe’s Kids, The Great White Hype, The Ladies Man, and such. But he is also directed on some episodes on every tv shows. I guess you could say that he’s the older brother of Steve Harvey. And Doug Braithwaite is a British comic book artist who started out working on British comics such as 2000 AD and A1, however, he is best known for some Marvel Comics titles and some of the DC Comics titles.

The front cover looks more appealing than seeing the movie poster of Batman and Robin in 1997. There these two are the protagonists of the story, but what do they look like? The protagonists look more like one of the cheap rip off of DC Universe superheroes out there, Icon almost looks like the black Shazam and Rocket almost looks like She-Bang from Static Shock. Now, tell me are you expecting a crossover of Shazam and Static Shock, let’s cross our fingers and see what happens if DC Comics approves it.

The story starts with one of the most iconic moments in comic book history, starts where all the experiments that are on the flying vessel are in a deep slumber, until one of them broke free, the design of those alien are almost look like those failed experiments from Final Fantasy 7. When that alien broke free, he plans to free everyone else, but he has to focus on saving himself. He hopped on the escape pod to fly over planet Earth and landed on Georgia. The alien just transformed into a baby before the humans who found that pod. It’s weird, but it can be more strange to see an alien transform into a human baby. I don’t know where did it come from, but the humans who found him took care of him until he grows up into the master of the house with his red robe which portrays him as a typewriter. There are some kids in Dakota city who sneaked into that mansion to steal something valuable for money, however, that man appeared before the girl named Raquel. In such strange terms, that man is immortal and uses his powers to drags these kids just to lecture them. Raquel is curious about that man who lives alone in this mansion, but there are some things that can change their lives and that is to become a superhero and a sidekick. And at the end of the issue, they introduced themselves just to start over.

The story is much more like Superman but in a different spice. I don’t know where to begin with, but that man has been living his whole life ever since he landed on Earth who poses himself as an alien who transformed into a human baby. Could this really be the beginning of Icon and Rocket? I can’t say more of the art, because the art style is more of a DC and Marvel Comic material and I’ve seen artists who uses that style a lot. The story can be interesting, if you’re interested in a plot that is much more similar to Superman, then this is for you.

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