Comic Review: Mirka Andolfo’s Sweet Paprika #1 (Image Comics)

Image Comics releases the first comic from an illustrator who illustrated the whole setting of an angel and a devil in a sexual way in Sweet Paprika on its first […]

Image Comics releases the first comic from an illustrator who illustrated the whole setting of an angel and a devil in a sexual way in Sweet Paprika on its first issue.

So I heard of that illustrator and this isn’t the first comic that she ever drew because I’ve seen her work on Facebook once and a while. Technically speaking, the story goes about some misadventures of a businesswoman whose life has been blocked from her personal needs, right until a delivery boy comes over and flirts with every woman in sight, however, he helps that businesswoman from her sexual frustration or something. And I’ve seen her illustrations a lot, and it makes readers more appealing to her art. So the whole story and art are created by her, Mirka is an Italian artist and writer who is famous for making a comic series of ControNatura as one of the most Italian series of the last few years. She also created another successful comic series on Image Comics which is Unnatural with several reprints, along with other language editions. She collaborated with a lot of creators from Marvel, DC, Boom! Studio comics and others. However, her art style is more exotic than meets the eye.

The front cover shows something as a reference to the chair from Game of Thrones, here’s our main character, trying to be sassy, but she looks a bit frustrated from that other character from above. I mean, am I about to witness the bonding between the angel and the devil?? Is there’s a reason for creating the whole story about it? I’ve seen a lot of illustrations of those characters interacting with each other, their relationship is quite natural. Oh and there’s a dog who has wings. I like the dog, but what’s the point of having wings? Is he dead?

I don’t need to explain the whole story because I already witnessed the whole plot of Mirka Andolfo’s purpose of creating those characters. But I’ll give you the short version. When Paprika was growing up, she plays some dolls for her own imagination, but her father insists that she should cast those things aside and try to have some intelligence while growing up, because he’s actually more ruthless of her family. Then the next few pages whos a background of the city which makes something weirder, that is having a street light some angel wings, and so does the townspeople and all. Is heaven and hell became equal to the human world? So the author just introduced Paprika and described to her that she’s not a bitch, she’s one of the most famous and efficient chief creative officer in a publishing company. However, everyone feared her because she’s being so bossy and she didn’t have time for her social life, like before. Right until that delivery boy named Dill shows up, delivering packages while flirting with women at the workplace. One thing that makes this comic more adorable is the dog and Dill’s sweet puppy talk, until Paprika talks back that “What’s this supposed to be a kids’ show?” Well depending on the art style in a cartoony way, this is a man-children’s show, not to mention it’s an Image Comic material for all man-children out there. So anyway, for Paprika she has a problem in her social life, her life ends up at the office door which is daunting for her, but the story has already been started and it doesn’t stop there on the next issue.

So the story is interesting other than having their characters with their own story and troubles, but probably it’s how life truly goes that way when growing up. Paprika grew up in a strict family with difficult circumstances, until she’s truly successful in life with her career and all, but she has some problems with her personal life. Well, that is to say, how would anyone like her become a better person with some social life. So Mirka’s art style is way more cartoony than you think, but she’s mostly focused on anatomy because whenever I see the illustrations between Paprika and Dill, the human body goes smoothly, I don’t know why but when I see the images on Facebook, the characters interact more sexually like a couple. But in this comic, I witness some changes in the characters’ expressions. I mean I know everyone feared Paprika, but their expressions are way too much. And then there are the expressions of some women who are lovey-dovey with Dill, which is more than normal, but I like the dog’s puppy eyes better, it’s so satisfying. I can’t tell if anything is so different from the illustrations of them, but this comic is included in color which would give the readers some reason and excuse to read this comic. But, this is the first issue of the comic that I’d witnessed. It’s great for adults if you’re into some spice of kinky stuff or whatever you’re interested in this series, but it’s a great read for the fans.

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