Bandai America brings a new line of Gundam, with an inter-changeable twist!

If you’re not familiar with Gundam, well it’s been around for 42 years. It started with the anime TV show Mobile Suit Gundam, and has spiraled into more TV shows, movies, toys, books, and model kits. Gundam has really become a cultural phenomenon. 

Now Bandai America has brought the Gundam to a new younger audience with the Gundam Infinity line. Bandai America has picked 5 different Gundam from different eras to make this collection.

Each figure is 4 1/2″ inches high and about 14 points of articulation. They also come with weapons that fit easily in the hands. The detail is incredible here. Seriously amazing sculpts that are on par with the high-end toys and model, but at a much better price point. And each figure comes with a piece to make a MS-06F Zaku.

Bandai sent me the Artemis from the Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare game and the Barbatos from the Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans anime. Just loving both of these figures.

Now the really cool part about the Gundam Infinity line, is the parts on each Gundam are interchangeable. You can switch arms, legs, heads, and weapons around. So you can come up with your own Gundam. This is a really incredible idea in my mind.

I’m really loving this series, and now I have to get the rest of the line

Many thanks to Bandai America for sending these to me to check out.

You can find Gundam Infinity series at Amazon, GameStop, and wherever collectibles are sold.

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By Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

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