“Naughty children never get any presents!”

From the village of Halloween Town, envisioned in 1993’s,  Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, I present four characters, three boxes, that are worth adding to or even starting a collection.

First Box: Mrs. Clause and Choir Elf. Includes Mrs. Clause, Choir Elf. Cherry pie, Penguin pie, and Music note sheet. How else would you imagine the wife of the one and only Santa Clause? The Choir elf adds another touch of Christmas spirit as well.

Second Box: Corpse Mom. Along with Corpse Mom included is a Zombie Duck on a skateboard, and a wrapped present top that fits nicely over the duck. Brilliant way for Corpse Mom to show of her friendly side seeming less scary when walking around with gifts.

Third box: Corpse Dad and Mr. Hyde. Includes well… Corpse Dad and Mr. Hyde a charming reflection of their characters whom appear sporadically throughout the movie.

There you have it. These Diamond Select Toys Characters add more love to the already large collection. These can be found at your local comic book, and retail shops. Go grab them.

Thumbs Up from Mar

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