Comic Review: Luna SC (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios bring you a weird journey of a young woman who has been plagued by some dream just to meet with the family of the sun in Luna the […]

BOOM! Studios bring you a weird journey of a young woman who has been plagued by some dream just to meet with the family of the sun in Luna the graphic novel.

So whatever happens if you take that LSD Dream Emulator on PS1, go on with the hippie and cult stuff, and then snorted with a lot of marijuana from a local bodega, then you’d get this comic out of Merlin’s hell hole. If there’s any comic that is related to drugs, I’d say this one, because this is the first time that I’m reading a comic that relates to LSD which takes you to an alternative Aztec empire, but no this isn’t the first one, because there are lots of comics like this one on Image Comics but why would they publish this comic on BOOM! Studios? The story is created by Maria Llovet, she’s a multidisciplinary artist from Barcelona. She’s passionate about fashion and cinema, as a comic author, she has published 4 graphic novels in different countries in Europe and debuted in the comic book US market. And the main focus of her stories is sex and death because those themes are the biggest impact on her work so far.

The front cover shows an illustration of a woman surrounded by flowers and stuff. However, in this image, it seems that she’s taking her spirit to the spirit world, it shows more of a peaceful side. There are rainbow tears dropping out of her eyes, and below of the background shows the images of the moon, the sun, and some strange eyes resonating together with the moon and the sun. A solar eclipse perhaps, or is it the rapture?

The story starts with a woman lying down to the ground in the middle of nowhere, her car just crashed down and her forehead is bleeding as if she’s about to die. On the following pages, it shows some images of the comic that takes you to a dream, she’s experiencing LSD, while that eye design resonates in the middle as if everything is created by the gods. I don’t know much but I expect a physiological study of this phenomenon. But then when she woke up, she finds herself in a village where the family of the sun are residing there. The main character stayed there as long she likes and learned everything from them, which is a change of scenery for her as if she’s going on another adventure. While she stayed in the village, she looked at the pages of her drawings which is alchemy, everything that she saw in her dream was just recorded in her sketchbook. It’s a strange world to live in but how long will it take to fulfill her dreams?

The comic is getting weirder from the get-go because the story takes you to a fateful meeting for the family of the sun. However, there are some differences in life that they need to witness. For a comic that focuses on sex and death which is more accurate to have a theme for a comic, then why did the main characters just make out, is it a ritual or something? The art style of her illustrations is more in detail that she focuses on drawing the background that is coming from her dreams. The backgrounds that she drew are making more important than the characters of this comic, I mean if this comic would turn into a fantasy genre, what do we expect to find in this story? Speaking of art styles, her style has its roots in the Japanese manga which goes without saying that there is some manga that is related to sex and death, but she also has influence in European art in general and from the fashion industry as she drinks “copiously”, meaning that she’s has been drinking in large quantities. The comic is great, but it holds a bigger secret of her comic creations than anyone would think.

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