Comic Review: M.O.M: Mother of Madness Vol. 1 (Image Comics)

Image Comics brings you a female superhero comic about a single mom who can fight crimes during curfew in M.O.M: Mother of Madness on its first volume. Ok, now am […]

Image Comics brings you a female superhero comic about a single mom who can fight crimes during curfew in M.O.M: Mother of Madness on its first volume. Ok, now am I missing something here? I get to read a lot of female protagonists who are superheroes on every Image comic that I can find, like Witchblade or that protagonist from Big Girls comic, but here on this comic, we get to show a female protagonist in her 30s who actually has issues in her social life and became a fierce woman with her powers that she manifested. The comic is created by Emilia Clarke and Marguerite Bennett, and illustrated by Leila Leiz. Emilia worked alongside Marguerite to create this comic, however for Marguerite, she’s an American comic book writer who has worked on comics that focuses on her depiction of female relationships and LGBTQ-related stories and was nominated for a Media Award in 2016 and 2017.

The front cover shows an interesting concept, at the start of this book, you’ll see an illustration of a woman wearing a mask, adding with a woman’s nose and her lips. Is this the work of a stand? No, I mean this isn’t Jolyne Cujoh’s Stone Free, but it looks like one with the threads showing around the background. Even though this front cover holds a mystery of how the story is truly going to portray a story of a single mother with her powers. Not to mention, the artist added some pearls for a necklace and a button from a shirt or coat which is attached to the right eye, I almost felt like I’m in some cult already.

The story starts with the most usual fourth wall cliched moments than Deadpool, the main character whose name is Maya Kuyper started talking to herself with her speech bubbles rather than using the narration box. I mean, I usually use a text box to have my main character narrate himself and the story, but not like this. She talks about her everyday life and declared that the whole background of a private party is her own private nightmare. And then, later on, she got a tantrum during the party and started sharing the story to the readers about where did everything start, while she stretched her arms like Elastic Girl from The Incredibles. Right before her current age, she grew up with a nice family who mentioned that her father is a shitty scientist. Maya was adopted by those people when she was left at the hospital as a newborn. No matter the outcome, she still loves them, right until her parents died.

Right now, she’s fighting crime that is related to human traffickings, like drugs and sex. However she needs some training to have her control her powers. She had help from her friends, a Guru, she even has connections to make it possible and she became a superhero in a nutshell. What makes this comic so interesting is to have her fight her old enemies which one of them turned into a salamander after claiming that she wanted to be a perfect woman, more like a perfect dragon. Yeah, this comic is a New York-themed story that is fictional and nothing makes sense.

I can’t think of a better comic than this one, because the story almost seems to know that being a mom with superpowers is unstoppable. Even at her prime, she dealt with the issues in life that any other woman can experience. What’s so bizarre about this comic is that how did she get her powers in the first place? Is it her childbirth or do people think that she’s a freak or something? I don’t know but there are things that are remained as a mystery. The art style is similar to another comic from Boom! Studios, I can’t remember the title, but it draws something like that. The characters are illustrated in a realistic yet cartoonish way to describe how people have lived their lives. And yet one of the characters is wearing facemasks during the year 2049. The only thing that I can’t help but notice is that the main character’s proportions have been drawn that way with her powers. The first thing I witnessed is that her arm stretched like a rubberband while her armpit hair just grew out longer from her skin which is kind of weird to know how she manifested her powers, created a force field just to make a train crash, and crushed a doorknob outside of some sexist supervisor of her who apparently is claustrophobic, I mean is he afraid of Santa Claus? Should I bring Patrick to scare him? Well anyway, depending on her image, she’s a hothead woman. This is a must-read comic for those who want to know how moms are so tough these days.

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