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With first weekend returns exceeding $10,000.00, Shi: Sakura’s Indiegogo campaign’s first four full-day totals have risen to over $95K.  The final chapter to the Shi: Return of the Warrior trilogy’s momentum has thus far exceeded all previous Crusade Comics projects.

“I am elated that Sakura is now on the verge of unlocking its first stretch goal.” Stated Shi-creator Billy Tucci. “The fact that we are so close to $100K in less than a week is incredibly humbling and everyone on #TeamShi cannot wait to expand the comic from fifty-six to sixty-four pages!”

The 64-page expansion will be unlocked once the campaign hits $100,000.00 and is free to all backers who have pledged for a physical copy of Sakura.

From New York to Nagasaki, this action-packed, psychological samurai thriller reunites Shi-creator Billy Tucci and writer Steven Peros with artist Gardenio Lima, and colorist Brian Miller. Also on board is dynamic letterer Mindy Lopkin, designer Nile Scala, producer Brian Blevins and editors Jason Odom and J.C. Vaughn.

Shi: Sakura is scheduled for fulfillment starting August 2022.

Upon learning that she is full-blooded Japanese, Ana Ishikawa has unlocked a danger that she’s not prepared for… her birth mother’s wrath that comes in the form of an automaton-like killer, bent on destroying all that she loves.

At the same time, her teenage daughter, Hotaru, having survived the trauma in Shi: Haikyo, is empowered by the experience and succumbs to an inner violent streak with savage repercussions. 

The final chapter to the Return of the Warrior trilogy, the 56-page Shi: Sakura sets the final fiery stage for a samurai showdown of epic proportions at New York’s Brooklyn Botanic Garden that will change Crusade Comics canon forever!

Sakura will also introduce a pentagonal of #ShiStars as fan-favorite variant cover artists lend their talents to the project including Jeff Chapman, Gardenio Lima, Wes Hartman and the campaign exclusive edition from the legendary Kenneth Rocafort!

Crusade Comics will also be offering other Shi-related items including original art, prints, shirts, commissions, and special editions, including the ashcan to Crusade’s next great adventure, John Broglia and Billy Tucci’s long-awaited sequel to Zombie-Sama. Zombie-Sama 2: Dorm of the Dead

The Shi: Sakura Indiegogo Exclusive Campaign is LIVE here:

As part of Crusade Comics’ #NoFanLeftBehind dual-campaign strategy, Shi: Sakura will also be offered as an exclusive Kickstarter edition to backers launching this week. Launch details and exclusive images will be released in the coming days.

About Billy Tucci

Billy Tucci is an award-winning cartoonist best known for his modern-day samurai saga which began with Shi: The Way of the Warrior in 1994. Through his company, Crusade Fine Arts, Shi has been printed in five languages and sold more than 3 million comic books. In addition to his own creations, the graduate of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (BFA Illustration 90’) has been nominated for an Eisner Award for his DC Comics work on Batman. His graphic novel, Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion, was awarded the Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal for its depiction of the highly decorated, real-life 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which was comprised of Japanese-American soldiers. Billy’s earnest retelling of the Christmas story in A Child Is Born has quietly turned into an international blockbuster, winning the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award.  His critically acclaimed Miss Fury: Joy Division saw the return of the Golden Age Icon for Dynamite Comics. Billy has recently released Shi: Return of the Warrior, Shi: Haikyo, Shi: Omnibus Edition and Zombie-Sama via Kickstarter and Indiegogo uniting backers from over fifty countries and bringing Crusade Comics’ previous exclusive crowdfunding campaign totals to over $850,000.00.