Straight from the Upside Down, one of the cutest monsters you’ve seen.

Stranger Things has definitely made its way into pop culture. With the show’s 4th season still going strong, this love letter to the 80s has made a serious impact. To help us enjoy the show, Bandai America has released an 8″ plush Demogorgon. 

This is a cute little Demogorgon that looks ready to rip your head off. It’s nice and plush to hold. Very soft. On the inside, it does feel like beans. But it’s the little details that make this a must-have.

The Demogorgon has his mouth open and you can see some teeth on the flaps. The throat goes down about an inch, so you could have him simulate eating someone. And one of the best things is across the body, there are lines that simulate the muscles. 

All in all, this is a great plush for your Stranger Things fan in your life. 

Many thanks to Bandai America for letting us check this out. 

By Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

An avid comic collector/reader for over 50 years and self-proclaimed professor of comicology, Brian originally started up the site Pendragon's Post to share his voice. Well, that voice has been shared and evolved into The Fanboy Factor. Brian is an advocate for remembering comic roots, and that we don't forget what was created in the past, and encourage everyone to read it as well. When not swimming in geek culture, he can be seen corrupting..introducing his young son to comics, much to his wife's chagrin.