Toy Review: 2021 Topps x Mego – Green Arrow (Mego)

The Emerald Archer once again graces the Mego universe. When I was growing up in the 1970s, Mego action figures were all the rage. One company had the rights to […]

The Emerald Archer once again graces the Mego universe.

When I was growing up in the 1970s, Mego action figures were all the rage. One company had the rights to the superheroes of both DC Comics and Marvel, and that was Mego. 8 inches tall. 26 points of articulation. Full cloth costume. These figures really were the bomb. I had my collection for the longest time, and now kicking myself for not holding on to them. 

One of the highlights of the Mego World’s Greatest Super-Heroes line was the addition of Green Arrow. At the time, he was fresh off a guest appearance on the first appearance of Super Friends. This was one of my favorites. With a comic-accurate costume, a bow, and removable hat, what was not to love.

Well, Mego has been making a comeback lately and they did an exclusive release with Topps. Together they released a new Mego version of Green Arrow.

While the first Mego GA was based on his iconic look, this one is based on the Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters story, that was designed by comic artist Mike Grell. In this storyline, Green Arrow got rid of his old costume and his trick arrows stopped dealing with super-menaces, and be more of a street-level hero. He adopted a new costume that gave him more of a Robin Hood look. Mego, for the most part, captured this look. A great-looking cloth costume that matches the colors from the comic and a hood that covers his head. The head looks like the classic figure and I love that. He also comes with a bow and quiver and belt. There’s even a little “G” right on the buckle. The only complaint I have is his hands are flesh-colored and not green. The prototype did have green hands but I understand these things can change once in production. Still though, not at all a dealbreaker.

The packaging is one of the old-school blister style. On the pack is an image of Green Arrow, but it’s an image of the New 52 version of Green Arrow. I’m not sure why Mego didn’t use an image of the Longbow Hunters costume. Maybe it was licensing issue. It just seems weird to me.

I ordered this figure back in September 2021 and just recently received it. I assume it took so long to get due to the supply chain crisis that is still going on. But it’s in my hands now so that’s all that matters. 

This figure was limited and a pre-order, so unfortunately it’s eBay if you are looking for him now. Mego does have a new Green Arrow figure with a more modern costume coming out this fall. You can find it for pre-order on Amazon. 

I’m so glad to add another Mego to my growing collection. Especially Green Arrow!

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