Comic Review: Cold Bodies TPB (Dark Horse Comics)

Dark Horse Comics releases a graphic novel that actually came from a horror movie about a terrifying winter storm and a murderer in Cold Bodies graphic novel. Now there is […]

Dark Horse Comics releases a graphic novel that actually came from a horror movie about a terrifying winter storm and a murderer in Cold Bodies graphic novel.

Now there is a thing when it comes in winter, and that actually makes the cold climate much more dangerous around the places where you live right now in New York. In fact, I’ve been through some drastic measures from every winter storm that took place in the U.S. However this comic took place like 2 or 3 decades ago, and it’s very freaky to be sure about it with a lot of deaths and murders going on. The comic is written by Magdalene Visaggio and illustrated by Andrea Mutti. Magdalene is an American comic book writer who is known for her work on Kim & Kim and Vagrant Queen. She was born in 1984 on Long Island and grew up in Richmond Virginia. She has her personal tastes when it comes to animation but she would like to write comics of some Marvel Comic titles like Silver Surfer, Spider-Girl, or Doom Patrol.

And Andrea is an Italian cartoonist who has worked on several illustrations for comics, he even illustrated some of the superheroes’ comics such as DNAction for Xenia Edizioni, then he illustrated some horror comics for Fenix. He worked so several comic titles for other creators.

The front cover of the comics shows something that is more terrifying than watching the morning news. Central Park is being snowed all over the place by the blizzard. I’d imagine the homeless were buried themselves behind to end their suffering. But looking at it with so much blizzard and an extremely freezing temperature makes me shiver my very own bones, which sooner or later would cause arthritis. I like the catchphrase on the top of the front cover saying “Hell just froze over”, well it does and it will whenever summer and winter come around in New York, not that I can complain, because it would always go like this.

The story starts with a dream of a female main character that she’s having, a cold winter in Wisconsin, in 1981. She was being chased by some mysterious man with a shovel, drenched with blood who is about to kill her. It’s actually scarier than Jason from Friday the 13th. Then again, she would believe that was only a fantasy that she’s having, other than that, her husband is being paranoid as usual that he only cares about himself. I can’t say so much more in New York because every time you go around, you’re reacting, mostly everyone, even the MC with all the talk of some severe winter storm. At the time when she was at dinner with one of the workers, she felt strange as she saw a ghost, so she ran away without wearing her jacket, and then she fell down, unconscious, right until she woke up in her apartment. The whole thing about this is that her mind is filled with some crazy thoughts that she’s being chased by a killer with a bloody shovel which came from a popular film franchise called “Snow Day.” Even so, this whole story is all like her seeing that person with a bloody shovel is actually a ghost of the past. And because of that kind of weather, their minds will go insane and mad, same as the heat wave in summer.

The story is quite scary when you think about the winter storm. Otherwise, who would write a New York-themed story that took place in cold winter? There’s no explaining it because if you lived in New York longer than I have, you would survive for that long. I have zero tolerance for the winter, I just go to work and then go home when the weather goes bad. However reading this comic, it comes to the conclusion that if you experience the coldest weather for way too long, you’ll go insane. The art is more definetely like an Image comic material or some of the TMNT comics, beause the character designs seemed to be more serious, however the MC is almost reminded me of one of my own MCs that the woman looks to be more responsible. The character designs were not that bad, the reactions are flawless when the MC is scared of the strange man with a shovel, all of that is related to some stupid film. The story is just too scary to begin with, not just the winter storm, but the fact that this story is much more intimidating than another horror movie that you’ve saw not too long ago.

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