Jeannine Acheson & Tom Sniegoski Panthra interview

Interviewer: Anthony Andujar Jr Interviewee: Jeannine Acheson & Tom Sniegoski Q1. Having previously worked on two Vampirella projects such as Vampiverse and the Vampirella one-shot, The Vamp, what drew you […]

Interviewer: Anthony Andujar Jr

Interviewee: Jeannine Acheson & Tom Sniegoski

Q1. Having previously worked on two Vampirella projects such as Vampiverse and the Vampirella one-shot, The Vamp, what drew you to Pantha as a project and character? 

Jeannine: Well, being a newcomer to this whole writing comics thing, I wasn’t too familiar with Pantha, other than what Tom had mentioned to me when we talked about iconic characters throughout comic history. When I read up on the character, though, I was intrigued!

Tom: I always enjoyed the idea of the character, and Christopher Priest’s take on her in Sacred Six really opened the doors for some interesting things that could be done with her.  

Jeannine: And so, naturally, Tom’s brain started working on ideas!  

Q2. What did both of you discover about the character that set this run apart from the previous? And what were the challenges that came with reinventing the character during this series?

Tom:  In the earliest interpretation of the character things were rather—vague?  It seemed that in her every appearance, things were changing about her origins.   Having the chance to do a more definitive origin, picking and choosing from the stuff that had been done before, was both challenging and really fun.  

Q3. What was it like having a chance to write the various gods of the pantheon? Which one did you have the most fun writing about aside from Pantha?

Jeannine: It was a total blast writing the various gods—Egyptian, Celtic, Roman, West African, you name it—and I’m all about doing the research to develop their stories.  For me, the most fun ones were the Mortalists.  Love those guys and gals.  

Tom: I really enjoyed writing Ba-Pef, the Egyptian god of terror.  We imagined him looking like Vincent Price, so that was pretty cool.  

Q4. Ta-Nakht is the antagonist of this series. What inspired you to write this particular antagonist and how did he fit in the grand design of this series? Were there other villains in mind prior to picking Ta-Nakht?

Tom:  For this series, we wanted a villain that was unknown not only to our readers but to all our characters as well.  This was a god that had come before all the other gods—something that was considered a mistake, and hidden away . . . but he/it didn’t stay hidden.  

Jeannine:  Right from the beginning, we knew that Ta-Nakht would be the main bad guy, there were never any others. We created him to be (what we think) is the perfect antagonist—he scares everyone.  

Q5. What was it like coordinating with illustrator Igor Lima, colorist Adriano Agusto, and Dezi Sienty for this book? 

Jeannine: The coordination of the book, as always, went through our editor, Matt Idelson at Dynamite. He’s great! Igor did an amazing job bringing our ideas to life for the first few issues, and Daniel Maine stepped in to wrap up the last two. (You may recall that Daniel is part of the Vampiverse team as well!)  

Tom:  Adriano Agusto’s colors on the series were amazing, and Dezi Sienty’s letters gave the book a very specific feel—if that makes any sense?  

Q6. Was there any particular discussions on what the overall book should look like? Was it full script, or did you guys provide a different approach that was flexible for everyone to improv of? 

Jeannine: Right from the beginning, it was a collaborative effort among the team.  Igor worked with us to create just the right look for Pantha in her human and animal forms. We work full script, but there is definitely room for everyone to flex their creative muscles! We really like Igor’s realistic style—we felt it worked well for the story. 

Tom:  Even though we work full script, there is always plenty of room for interpretation.  If the artist can come up with a more interesting take on something we described in the script, we’re all for it.  

Q7. Were there any elements in your mini-series that you planned to explore but either changed or couldn’t expand on for this particular series? 

Tom:  Actually, the entire first story arc was prep for what was to come next for the character. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to do some more of the things that we thought of in the not-too-distant future.   

Q8. Will there be more Pantha stories down the line? Given that she was a part of Secret Six, will we see her reunite with a certain Vampiri from Drakulon? 

Jeannine: That would be amazing; it’s something we’ve definitely talked about.  

Tom: And we’ve already got some ideas for that percolating in our melons. 

Q9. Will some of the plot elements of this series pop up in any other series down the 


Tom:  By the end of Pantha’s five-issue run, we’ve introduced a whole new group of villains that could be expanded upon. So, maybe we’ll do something with them, or some other of Dynamite’s creators might want to take a crack. 

Q10. Are there any projects in the pipeline, be it current or upcoming that readers should keep an eye out for?

Jeannine: Well, we have lots of ideas for stories that spin out of the Vampiverse, and one, in particular, will be coming out at some point soon!  

Tom: And we have a creator-owned project in development that we can’t wait for people to see!    

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