Meet the latest team that’s ready to roll out and clean up the streets of Gotham City: The Batwheels

Batwheels is the newest DC Comics animated show that is geared toward toddlers. It centers around the various vehicles Batman uses. The team is made up of Bam (Jacob Bertrand) the Batmobile, Robin’s car Redbird (Jordan Reed), Batgirl’s motorcycle Bibi (Madigan Kacmar), the Bat-monster truck Buff (Noah Bentley), and the high-flying Batwing (Lilimar). They are assisted by the Batcomputer (Kimberly D. Brooks) and the robot mechanic Moe (Mick Wingert). The Batwheels team joins Batman (Ethan Hawke), Robin (AJ Hudson), and Batgirl (Leah Lewis) in their war on crime.

This is a fun show that is prefectly geared towards it’s preschool audience. There is action and suspense, but you really don’t see any violence. There is some humor and lessons to be learned. It’s a nice introduction to the Batman universe for litle kids. I love the fact that in the show Robin is Duke Thomas and Batgirl is Cassandra Cain. Two of Batman’s lesser know partners, unless you are ready the comics. 

In the show the Batwheels are sentient super-powered crime-fighting vehicles, seem to hide that fact from the Batman family. It’s the same with the villians vechiles as well. I’m not sure why it is done this way, but I’m not the target audience.  

The designs of the vechiles is pretty cool and I especially like the producers based the Batmobile and Batwing on the Tim Burton Batman film. It’s a nice little homage.

The voice casting is first class here. I love the fact that Batman is voiced Ethan Hawke. While Hawke does play it gruff, it’s not as heavy as previous Batman voices. It’s perfect fit. I also really liked Jacob Bertrand, of Cobra Kai fame, as Bam.

This show is just perfect for your little ones to watch, and maybe some of your bigger ones too, 

Batwheels is now on HBO Max and Cartoon Network.

By Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

An avid comic collector/reader for over 50 years and self-proclaimed professor of comicology, Brian originally started up the site Pendragon's Post to share his voice. Well, that voice has been shared and evolved into The Fanboy Factor. Brian is an advocate for remembering comic roots, and that we don't forget what was created in the past, and encourage everyone to read it as well. When not swimming in geek culture, he can be seen corrupting..introducing his young son to comics, much to his wife's chagrin.