Image Comics brings you, the most triggered everyday life in a bizarre invasion in a farmhouse in I HATE THIS PLACE in its first volume.

Ok, whatever happens, if you think 2020 wasn’t enough, and then life just brings you any other unexpected events like alien invasion, homeless people going on riot, or any shit going on in this world, which takes place in the middle of nowhere, this comic is your medicine to cure your migraine. I never expected a comic like this, that is very hateful that they titled this comic that somebody hated that place, but on what purpose? It’s not like any other shitty state where everything is expensive and gross, but the whole story takes place in the countryside, weird huh? The story is written by Kyle Starks and illustrated by Artyom Topilin. Kyle is a two-time Eisner-mentioned comic creator from Southen Indiana, he’s best known for Rick and Morty comic on Oni Press, but he also worked on several comics like Skybound’s “Assassin Nation” with Herica Henderson, Dynamite Comics “Mars Attacks” with Chris Schweizer, and Oni Press “Dead of Winter.”

The front cover gives me enough material to know what’s going on right now. Am I seeing things? Why is the Lich there in this comic? Have this guy set us some curse around the countryside, JESUS CHRIST I HAVE A TON OF QUESTIONS ON THIS SHIT. I don’t know where to start but this is actually the best cover art I’ve ever seen. So you see two women on the topside soaked in blood while the other is holding a shotgun, and apparently, there’s some kind of a glowing orb on the middle of the cover page, I mean what even is that anyway. And somehow on the bottom of the cover, the Lich is controlling some zombies like anyone saw “The Walking Dead” in a nutshell. I don’t even know what the hell is this kind of scene, but it really looked so amazing, to begin with. And if you look at the back of the cover, it made me laugh so uncontrollably that this comic is the real deal, it wrote “They wanted a fresh start…. instead, they got…. THE MOST FUCKED UP PLACE EVER.” THAT IS THE BEST pickup line I have ever read, and it’s on Image Comics for goodness sake, somebody made a good horror comic, and I’m having so much fun writing this review.

Well other than the whole cliched pilot moment of Hooky, this one starts with the most fucked up moments in comic book history. It starts when two men are waiting for some crime boss who owed him some money, but then he shot the man’s fist because the one who shot him said that they buried it in the woods, I mean like what did they bury? The money? The drugs? I don’t know if they fucked it up because they’re just trying to do a better job of not getting him disappointed, that is until someone got chopped his head off by a strange tentacle. But for real what I’m seeing is just THE TRUE DEFINITION OF HOW FUCKED UP THIS SCENE IS. The crime boss dropped his jaw just to see the tentacles dragging his men, and then he ran away like a cat.

The next scene shows some women getting some gas for the car, and asking someone at the cashier for directions to some ranch that was inherited by her late aunt. However, the cashier explains to her that they knew about that ranch and that there were some monsters crawling from that place as if they visited there before. But at the time they got there to the ranch, everything is peaceful during the day, but at night, the cows are going crazy and kept mooing, right until some zombie touched her which teleports her to some railroad tracks which is an illusion. Then there are more zombies surrounding the farmhouse and she ran back inside her house. Right during the invasion, they stumbled into a strange video of a woman giving them a warning about the ghosts in this place, saying that don’t let the ghosts touch them, never go in the woods, and if they see a creature with horns, they should get away from him.

But apparently on the next day, things started to get bizarre ever since they moved there. When they met a fortune teller, she drew three death cards twice and scattered every death card in the room that actually made the poor fortune teller bleed her hands, one of the neighbors got killed being touched by a ghost, and they called some doofus who looks like one of the Ghostbusters. I MEAN MY GOD, DID THEY ACTUALLY CALL THE GHOSTBUSTERS?! THIS ISN’T NEW YORK YOU UNCULTURED SWINES!! That guy is a joke, he holds a smaller shotgun that does jack shit to the monsters, until some spider monster attacked him and got his neck bleeding. And then he died immediately after his pimple got bigger. And the volume ends when the crime boss has gone crazy for looking at the money that those two men buried, the money was in that car the whole time, and he’s trying to kill those two women over his stupid greed and also died in the process. I don’t know what comes next to this comic, but all I can say is that this comic is so fucked up, it makes you think that it’s the end of the world over there.

So in conclusion, the comic was disturbing, it’s really disturbing that the creators decided to acknowledge that creating a comic series like this would trigger them one day. I mean having a comic about how fucked up that place is so fucking fucked up. This is beyond my expectations and it’s too cryptic to know that this story holds some darkest secrets, like how did the main character’s aunt die before knowing her nephew and how dangerous living on that farm is, surrounded by ghosts, aliens and monsters, but they never knew that the Lich is actually the mastermind of that place. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK WAS SHE THINKING?! IS THIS IS NECESSARY?! THE CHARACTERS ARE SCARRED AND SHITLESS KNOWING THAT THIS PLACE IS A THREAT TO THEM. I don’t know what to expect from the story but it looks like the storytelling is like you’re watching another episode of Courage the cowardly dog on Cartoon Network. I can’t say anything bad about it, this is a new feeling that I have, an undisputed excitement, but unfortunately, it’s overshadowed by an unyielding rage because I truly have something against this plot that makes me want to flip my table all over. However, the one thing I do like about this comic is the art, no matter how I look at it, the art style looks very expressive when you see the characters interact with each other, and there’s one of those scenes where the characters are really frightened by the ghosts, and that ghostbuster wannabe character, I thought that he’s another joke character but you know what he looks like?, that exterminator from Over the Hedge movie. And I surely have no doubt that this joke character is related to that exterminator. For that, I really can’t praise enough the character designs and the monster designs of the story, but the plot is so fucked up. I’M GLAD IT’S NOT ON WEBTOON because if it does, I would close the app immediately and move on to something else. But other than that, this is the best comic I’ve ever read. The first rule to question yourself about how you hate the place that you’re in right now is that can you talk about how and why you hate that place, fuck Lore Olympus or True Beauty or any other cringy-ass Webtoon titles in this generation, NO! I WANT TO READ THIS MORE!!

By Kevin Bermeo

I'm a New Yorker Artist, and I traveled a lot. I enjoy making comics, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Besides drawing, I'm also a writer, I used to be a Gamer, and I love adventures, food, and dragons.