Comic Review: Peremoha Victory For Ukraine (TOKYOPOP)

Tokyo Pop has released a nine-story collection in support of Ukraine’s battle against the current Russian invasion. Peremoha, Victory For Ukraine is a fundraiser and raiser of Ukrainian spirits.

The nine stories are written, illustrated, and coloured by various artists, and translated into the English language edition by Hanna Andrieieva.

There is a wide variety of visual styles in the stories. The Ghost of Kyiv, written by Denys Fadieiev and illustrated by Okeksandr Koreshkov, drawn in high realism, offers breathtaking views of fighter jet dog fights, as Kyiv is attacked by air. The colour work is brilliant in purples and yellow-orange hues.

On the other side of the scale, Looters, written by Ruslan Samaryk, describes the life of everyday Russian soldiers, who think they have struck it rich when they kick open the doors and windows of abandoned Ukrainian houses. But things aren’t that straightforward. The visuals of Volodymyr Povoroznyk are similar to the comic strip Frank and Ernest, with squat little figures drawn in thick lines. The backgrounds are simple, the dialogue consisting of words without balloons, a curved line leading us to their speaker.

It’s compelling and revealing, this 98 page collection. So heartfelt, so touching. Supporters of Ukraine, who wish to purchase a hard copy or who want to download a free reading copy can find out more here:

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Razom for Ukraine (“Razom” meaning “together” in Ukrainian), a non-profit Ukrainian-American human rights organization established to give direct support to the people of Ukraine in their pursuit of a democratic society with dignity, justice, and human and civil rights for all.

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