Dark Horse Comics and Webtoon continues with an amazing sci-fi webcomic of Space Boy Volume 14.

To begin with, it’s not just this Webtoon series that was published physically, however, I reviewed this series numerous times and I get the point that the vertical scrolling platform is more than just anything to witness when you’re holding a phone and scrolling down like some idiot while using social media. However last month, I reviewed the first two volumes of Hooky by Miriam Bonastre Tur, just to see how different was it to convert her Webtoon to a graphic novel, but overall it’s way more different from what I remember reading her comic back then, and I did that because this is all for her by sharing my thoughts about my second favorite webtoon. But the Space Boy graphic novels here, are a masterpiece, with all this comic publishing platform that is very well organized and added some of the good parts of the comic with the Dark Horse logo and the names of the editors, copyright, the flavors coming from Amy, everything with less than 250 pages to read, it’s no wonder why this comic is very well organized. So once you understand the difference between this comic series from digital to a physical book….. IT’S STILL THE BEST WEBTOON SERIES SO FAR!!

The front cover shows an uninspired mediocre character of the series who’s actually a manipulator. I mean does anyone know who this guy truly is?? SURELY I DO NOT. So the front cover shows ‘this guy’ out of nowhere at nighttime, and the background shows the whole FCP facility all over. There’s not much to talk about this cover. And wouldn’t that be better if Stephen would illustrate the Puffy Pets show that Amy and Oliver watched together, that would be inspiring as the last front cover of a seagull who took a big teardrop dump. Were there any colors available on this cover besides just a simple cool color, the clouds are blue, the ocean is blue, and even this doofus is blue, I feel like I’m looking at a cover art made by some evil cults. On the back side of the book, there’s a quote written by Freaksugar which goes “Space boy has a gorgeous storytelling aesthetic that is both easy to engage and that feels very layered.” The quote almost sounds like how I went through reading this webcomic which makes me feel inspired and had me push to those limits as an artist and creator, even if I’m reading a webcomic from the best author so far.

So after they get some morning exercise at the facility, the story of this volume starts when one of Amy’s friends is going into some interrogation at a local police department, where it introduces this guy who happens to be a national security, Schafer is concerned about Tammie and wanted the department to find her, although he promised that he’s going to find her, and let me tell you the next scene makes Bowser and Ganondorf look like dumbasses. HE AND THE OTHER FCP OFFICERS ARE KEEPING TAMMIE AS A FREAKING HOSTAGE. And then he had an insane idea to have her put at an abandoned warehouse or something and claimed that they found and rescued her. AND THAT STUPID IDEA DOESN’T MAKE THEM HEROES, THEY’LL LOOK LIKE SOME BURGLARS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

Then back at the police department, Cassies barges in to complain to the chief of the police who didn’t come to interview her, because she was a witness at the Homecoming dance the other day. He advised Cassie to speak to that national security guy but he’s not there right now. After Cassie left the office, some scientist who is talking to the chief who received a severance package out of the blue, saying that she should take a holiday because she knows about Flyinn and the FCP. Even though he’s trying to protect her from getting involved with the organization which would lead her to her death.

Amy tries to call Oliver from her glasses, but he’s busy, so she went to Dr. Kim’s lab for some puppy therapy right after he told the dog to shut up. I mean, a puppy therapy?? BECAUSE THE BABY CHICKS AT THE SCHOOL WERE SO GOOD ENOUGH, YOU GOTTA HAVE A DOG TO CURE YOU. You know some cute furry animals that already cleansed so many humans’ hearts, that made me feel guilty about NOT having a dog as a pet, let alone a seagull, a rat, or something.

So Dr. Kim listened to her problems that Oliver can’t pick up the phone because she was afraid that he would shut her down again just like he did to Dr. Kim. That kind of fear would take over her and makes anyone hard to talk to, but she knows in her heart that it’s not true because Oliver believes in her as she believes in him. And then finally Oliver called her because he was sleeping. He tends to cope with his daily life inside his space ship doing nothing but exercise, and watching a children’s tv show which is Puffy Pets, and after that, she felt so much comfort in hearing Oliver’s voice sounding very happy all of the sudden, which makes Amy senses his sweet flavor of orange and cinnamon.

The next scene makes this really disturbing, the so-called “National Security” guy, set everything up to make a scene of rescuing Tammie from the masked men. What I really hate about this scene is how that guy took Tammie to the top of the lighthouse and uses the power of Satan which is related to the skinny cyclops which is “The Wanderer” to remove her memories of what happened from the time she was kidnapped. But what’s really bizarre about this person is that he is like another person in mind which would explain that the cyclops has resided in that man’s body just by looking at the pupil of his eye. But what I truly see is that he’s manipulating her to erase her memories by using that cyclops’ power to give her brain damage which is something I have against.

Oliver gives Amy a tour of his spaceship by using his mobile camera to show her remotely, he shows the compass which belongs to his dad from the time when he was young, his bedroom which is the main cabin with some rations, change of clothes, his workout gear and such. He even shows the bathroom which is too organized enough as if the Japanese made so many modifications out of it, but then Amy asked a strange question about toilet paper, and then he doesn’t have any because the toilet paper got burned which comes to the conclusion on how will he wipe his ass without a toilet paper and told her that there’s a bidet on the toilet which it cleans his ass with water which is much sterile as it gets after doing his business. Sorry, it’s not like I’m pulling a Polnareff out of this one because I can’t think of any other reference about it, and I just witnessed it after hearing Amy’s silly question about toilet paper.

What I do like about that scene is where Amy pulled an embarrassment gesture on the palms of her face of having her saying “Oh My Gosh” as if she’s Joseph Joestar when he said OH MY GOD twice while holding the palms of his face of embarrassment or shocked, and that was the start of the “Bast” Mariah chapter where Jotaro asked Avdol where his grandfather is. Imagine if Stephen would replace the text bubbles starting with the “Oh my gosh” along with the other text bubbles in a single panel, and all you can see there is Amy saying OH MY GOD!! And then after that, they talked for hours right until he felt like watching Puffy Pets with her which makes it another reason to watch that show for himself or together.

So going to the reunion where Cassie and Schafer are going through a lot of things from that day, they started to find some clues, and Schafer discovered the parts of Amy’s glasses which it was split in half, he suggests taking the glasses to the police station, to that four-eyed doofus who barely finds anything to help them. And then the next scene shows that Amy and Oliver are watching that tv show which is much cuter in a way that you’re literally watching Pokemon. But at the end of the scene, the dolphin claims that they stole a bunch of candy from the sugar kingdom which left the fox in confusion about what the dolphin did, and then the dolphin walked out like a boss while laughing.

OH GOD, THIS CAN’T BE REAL!! THAT DOLPHIN WALKS OUT WITH HIS FRIENDS LIKE A BOSS. The way that the dolphin walks looks like the walking cycle of Castlevania and SpongeBob. I find that very funny when that show ended the dolphin walks out laughing, and Amy shed tears over that, I’m sorry, that really killed me there. And if I’m not mistaken, what the dolphin said that he stole a bunch of candy from the King, that would have been THE ENTIRE COUNCIL OF THE SUGAR KINGDOM! The dolphin solves the bear’s problems just by taking something away from the kingdom by taking candy from a baby. He and his friends are going to eat half of the population of the kingdom. Even when the bear messed up with the chocolate fountain by flooding the palace, it just made it an accident, but now the dolphin made a savage comeback, YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE DOLPHIN!! I wish that I would like to see more of these Puffy Pets, because this would actually make the children laugh, as much more than someone who asked Oliver how would he wipe his ass without toilet paper. As soon as they realized this, they forgot that they need to eat something after spending a lot of time talking to them. However, Oliver had in mind what he truly felt about her, and ended up with the lame line telling her that she’s great. But in reality, Oliver fell in love with Amy, there I said it.

After she eats something, Amy went back to the room, Quiana was there checking on the computer, and she told Cassie that she was ok and she was discharged from the hospital. However, when Amy is about to hug her, Qiana pushed her aside and bursts out of anger to know that she’s not her friend and that she helped her because she felt guilty, guilty of having Amy and her friends involved. When Amy sees her flavor, she sees her being corrupted by anger and fear in mind and body, however, what she needs is kindness and grace, so Amy forgives her by saying that she wants to be her friend and doesn’t hate her for what she’s done, Qiana is being used by the FCP to get things done to hurt others. But what’s left me in confusion is how Qiana was involved by the FCP in the first place.

I can’t say more about how amazing this comic series is, but I think that this is more detailed to know the mystery of Amy’s disappearance, Qiana’s story, and that doofus who’s secretly an FCP officer who told Cassie that Amy died from a gunshot wound. But there’s one good thing about the story, Amy is helping her friends to move forward in life whenever they feel sorrow, grief, fear, and hate. Qiana felt guilty of herself that Amy and her friends got involved with that mess because she was being used by Saito. Overall, she forgives her for telling her that she wants to be her friend just to help her to solve their problems each other if only they could listen. The end of the volume shows one of the mini-comics of Li’l Amy which is one of her childhood living between her old home at the space colony and friends, but I don’t want to go over this, because the story is coming from another Polnareff’s toilet adventures, or ‘that’ scene.

By Kevin Bermeo

I'm a New Yorker Artist, and I traveled a lot. I enjoy making comics, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Besides drawing, I'm also a writer, I used to be a Gamer, and I love adventures, food, and dragons.