The Titans’ road trip takes a dark turn into the supernatural as they return for season 4.

Picking up a week after the ending of season 3, while on their way to San Francisco, the Titans take a pit stop in Metropolis so Superboy can finally meet Superman. Lex Luthor is also interested in meeting Superboy as well but for his own selfish reasons. Unable to meet with Superman, Superboy meets with Luthor. While this is going on, supernatural evil is happening all around the city leading the Titans into a conflict with this force. Will the Titans not only be able to save the day but also their own souls?

Season 4 really picks ups with a bang. It really hits the ground running. You can see how the Titans are really becoming a family with Nightwing and Stargirl as the parents. I really like the way they are just so close. In the comics that is one of the things that separated the Titans from other superhero groups. They are more of a family.

Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, Ryan Potter, and Joshua Orpin all return and they all just ease back into their roles, but you can see the growth of the characters. There is a great balance of spotlighting all the characters.

There are some great additions to the cast. Franka Potente plays Mother Mayhem, a leader of a cult. She is so manipulative and evil, she’s just the perfect foil for the team.

Lisa Ambalavanar plays Jinx. Here she is a magician who is willing to help the Titans under duress.  Of course, she has her own agenda.

My favorite addition has to be Titus Welliver as Lex Luthor. Welliver plays the Luthor we have been waiting forever to see in live-action. The last two great Luthor portrayals were Clancy Brown voicing  Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series and Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville. Welliver really plays Luthor as he is in the comics and just nails it. It might help that besides being a great actor, Welliver is a comic book fan himself.

Since this is another Greg Berlanti show, once again secret identities are totally nonexistent. This is what really pisses me off about Berlanti. Somehow we can believe an alien, a shapechanger, and a witch, but can’t keep a secret id. There is no reason that this is pretty much public knowledge. There is such a thing in shows called suspension of disbelief. I’m really at the point where Berlanti needs to be removed from DC projects. I just can’t wait for Gunn to take over. 

While I did enjoy season 4, the secret identity issue just keeps taking me out of the show. 

Titans season 4 premiers exclusive on HBO Max on November 3rd. 

By Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

An avid comic collector/reader for over 50 years and self-proclaimed professor of comicology, Brian originally started up the site Pendragon's Post to share his voice. Well, that voice has been shared and evolved into The Fanboy Factor. Brian is an advocate for remembering comic roots, and that we don't forget what was created in the past, and encourage everyone to read it as well. When not swimming in geek culture, he can be seen corrupting..introducing his young son to comics, much to his wife's chagrin.