Time is of the essence as Batman and The Joker fend off a grizzly mob of joker-esque creatures. Meanwhile, Gordon is trapped somewhere, and will lose another piece of himself If Batman doesn’t find him soon!

Silvestri has an understanding of the gallery of characters that it all feels natural, almost like it could be in an episode of Batman the Animated Series. Silvestri brings in more characters from Batman’s world into this story, and the unfolding mystery that started in issue 1 continues to unfold with dread. The story is atmospheric and gripping, and despite all of the darkness that this story contains, there is subtle humor sprinkled in thanks to the Joker who is written really well under Silvestri. Seeing Batman and Joker paired together as they try to get to the bottom of who is hunting the Joker is exciting and hasn’t been done quite like this before. Even when working together, the tension and mistrust on Batman’s end is fun, making this a rollercoaster ride of a book.

Marc Silvestri is at the top of his game as an illustrator. Whether it’s his use of cross-hatching, gothic impressionistic environments, or heavily detailed layouts, everything in this book looks amazing and really cements the kind of tone that he was going for in both story and art. Arif Prianto elevates Silvestri’s art further by applying a swath of beautifully layered colors, allowing for shape and volume to solidify the characters and the world that they beautifully inhabit. Troy Peteri does a fantastic job lettering the book and giving every character and device a unique voice that is distinct. It’s a standalone mini-series that is unencumbered by main universe continuity but checks all the boxes of what those familiar with the Caped Crusader already know. The story is enticing, the art is amazing, if there is a Bat-title to add to your pull list, this is one to include for new comic book day.

By Anthony Andujar Jr.

Anthony Andujar Jr. is an NYC cartoonist and lover of comics and music. So much so that it led him to writing comic book reviews in between it all.