Travon isn’t a stranger to the challenges of life.

Bullied by gangs, being an orphan in the streets of Compton is enough to ruin anyone’s day. But things take a turn for the worst as Aliens make contact with Earth, flipping Travon’s whole life on its head, and claiming all life in the process. Can Travon save those closest to him? But most of all, can he save himself?

Killidelphia’s Rodney Barnes introduces readers to a new series with a different cast of characters dealing with extraterrestrial problems that are of the apocalyptic variety. One of the best things about this book isn’t necessarily the War of the World turn of events, but the dynamic and dialogue between characters. Travon’s relationship towards his family and his community is beautifully displayed with purposeful intent. Barnes establishes the stakes due to those interpersonal relationships that Travon has to his community because the narrative isn’t solely on Travon despite being the central character. Barnes allows for readers to get a glimpse into the different perspectives between characters, how they feel towards Travon, the effects of trauma, survivalist, and the alien invasion. All of these themes and narrative beats manages to keep engagement for readers and push the story forward.

Alex Lins illustrates this book and it is extremely enjoyable to look at. There is something about his style that fits in the same school of thought and style and such artists like the Kubert Brothers, Patrick Gleason, and others while still standing out on his own. His use of line weight, character design, gesture, expression, and panel compositions sell the stakes and emotions that occur for Travon and his family. Luis NCT & Galotto further Lins’ stylistic work with vibrant colors that tonally fit the kind of story that Barns aimed to tell, and Marshall Dillon’s clever use of lettering, the entire creative team succeed in delivering a solid first issue. If you’re looking for an alien invasion story that has some flavor, this book is one to check out and add to your pull list for new comic book day.

By Anthony Andujar Jr.

Anthony Andujar Jr. is an NYC cartoonist and lover of comics and music. So much so that it led him to writing comic book reviews in between it all.