In the 11th Millennium, The Eternal Empress’s influence reigns supreme. Thus success is attributed to super-soldiers known as  The Forged. A crew of space marines that challenge anyone that gets in between them and their assigned missions. Tasked to undergo a specific mission, The Forged set out to accomplish their directive, but things aren’t what they seem. Who is running operations behind the scenes? Can the Amazonian warriors survive what’s coming?

Rucka and Trautman create a series and world that feels well developed and established with a structure of rank, level, and position of the soldiers who are aboard the spaceship known as the Triumph. The writing of Victory and her Marine-like platoon of Forged warriors is endearing, witty, and enjoyable. There’s a camaraderie between these amazonian soldiers who are harmonious with each other as a unit regardless of combat or in the mundane reads nicely and is organic. The story itself is captivating as readers get to see how the members of the Forged interact with different rank, but most of all how they interact with the terrains and threats as they question the very orders they are given in spite of their duty as The Forged. Things take a turn for the worst and when they do, Rucka & Trautman give the protagonists an interesting situation that tests their skills, and their patience as a team that’s facing insurmountable odds, despite being at their wit’s end. 

Mike Henderson handles the art duties delivering sleek, stylistic illustrations and cinematic page layouts that bring the story to life. With Nolan Woodard’s color work and Ariana Maher’s well-placed lettering, they accomplish the tone and enhance Henderson’s art further. The entire art team compliment each other nicely as they bring readers into the world of The Forged. If you enjoy stuff akin to Gundam, Gears of War, Heavy Metal, Conan The Barbarian, then you will have interest enough to check this series out and add it to your pull list for new comic book day. 

By Anthony Andujar Jr.

Anthony Andujar Jr. is an NYC cartoonist and lover of comics and music. So much so that it led him to writing comic book reviews in between it all.

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