Rich Johnson gives us an insider’s look at the Incredible Hulk. Told through words and pictures, the reader gets a better understanding of this iconic character.

The book highlights several specific events in Hulk’s life, but that strength is also its greatest weakness.

The first chapter is all about the first appearance of the Hulk, which makes sense, but from there, the book is all over the place. It talks about the Sensational She-Hulk BEFORE the Savage She-Hulk. The Savage She-Hulk came out years before Sensational. To not have this book in chronological order seriously makes no sense to me.

Johnson does a great job not spoiling whole storylines. Giving enough background to allow the reader to go out searching for these stories to read on their own.

But the biggest crime here is the total omission of Peter David’s groundbreaking run. Johnson would rather focus more on the Immortal Hulk and give this story three chapters. While David only gets a chapter on the Maestro. Are you kidding me? David changed how readers thought of the Hulk. David was the one who came up with Banner’s multiple personality disorder. Nothing on Grey Hulk. Nothing on Mr. Fixit. Nothing on the Professor. Seriously, this is sloppy writing and research. You just don’t leave something this important out.

At a retail price of $50, this book isn’t worth it. Why shell out that much cash for something that isn’t complete? Just don’t bother and avoid this book. There are other books on the Hulk that are more comprehensive.

By Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

An avid comic collector/reader for over 50 years and self-proclaimed professor of comicology, Brian originally started up the site Pendragon's Post to share his voice. Well, that voice has been shared and evolved into The Fanboy Factor. Brian is an advocate for remembering comic roots, and that we don't forget what was created in the past, and encourage everyone to read it as well. When not swimming in geek culture, he can be seen corrupting..introducing his young son to comics, much to his wife's chagrin.